FIFA 17 has been announced, reveal trailer reflects upon the past

Electronic Arts has unfortunately revealed the next installment in the long running FIFA franchise, FIFA 17. As per usual the latest game has been revealed and lets just outright say it, FIFA 17 is your generic new FIFA installment, upgrade the graphics and say hey we got a new game. Admittedly, this game is actually the best soccer game I have seen and part of this is due to the usage of DICE’s signature game engine frostbite, just from watching the newest trailer we can see improved motion capture for the players, enhanced lighting, and facial animation which is pretty interesting, but yet does not build a solid game.

Seemingly at this point EA just knows how long the franchise has been going and wants to milk that for all its worth, in fact the announcement trailer for the game reflects upon the franchises history. You can see the trailer below:

Electonic Arts will be making the full game reveal on June 12th for those interested, and the game is launching globally from September 29 for Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and PC.

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