Final Fantasy 16: Where To Find Bomb King 

In Final Fantasy 16, while progressing through the game story, you will be tasked to participate in numerous challenges, be it completing quests, taking on enemies, or anything. Similar to the activities mentioned above, the new game features Hunts, which tasks you to kill different categories of menacing creatures, also known as Notorious Marks. However, finding them is not as easy as it seems!

This guide will specifically discuss where to find Bomb King, a Notorious Mark, in Final Fantasy 16. So, if you are looking forward to it, keep reading!

Where To Find Bomb King

In order to find the Bomb King, you first need to progress the game story up to the 47th main story questline, Letting Off Steam III, which you can also call as Weird Science quest. By triggering this quest, you will get the Bomb King unlocked as an active target on the Hunt board. However, you first need to talk to Moogle and Nekhtar in the hideaway.

Bomb King exact spot

Talking about the location, you can find Bomb King in The Crock, which is found precisely in the Sanbreque region. Keep walking towards the southeast side until you find The Imperial Chase, then take a left and continue walking down the narrow path to end up where Bomb King resides.

How To Defeat Bomb King

Bomb King

Since Bomb King ranks in the B category of the Notorious Marks list, defeating it should not be a big deal for you. Bomb King keeps throwing fireballs at you simultaneously; however, you can easily dodge out as these balls come toward you at a relatively slow pace. Also, after falling to the ground, fireballs leave an AOE, so beware of these too.

Bomb King fight 2

Another attack that you need to be careful of is the King’s Justice. This attack, in particular, spawns smaller versions of the Bomb Kings, which explode after some time, causing massive health loss to you. What you need to do here is keep a safe distance from them and not let them come closer to you until they explode. 

Bomb King fight

Eventually, when you get a chance, deal with Bomb King with your best attacks to finish off the fight quickly. With this, your task will be completed, and you will be able to collect some exciting rewards: 1 Bomb Ember, 9000 Gils, 1000 XP, 20 Renown, and 65 Ability Points.

That’s all you need to know about where to find Bomb King in Final Fantasy 16. If you find this guide helpful, share it with your friends! And let us know in the comment section if you have any questions or guide topics you’d like to see. Also, while you are here, take a look at GameLuster’s Final Fantasy 16 guide covering how to get Chocobo mounts.

Final Fantasy 16 is currently available on PlayStation 5.


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