Final Fantasy 16: How To Get Chocobo Mount

Although Clive can sprint pretty fast, the world of Valisthea is still quite big, and you will spend many hours running on your feet. Luckily, you can actually acquire a Chocobo mount after progressing through the main story in Final Fantasy 16. However, since the quest is not mandatory, some players may accidentally miss unlocking this useful feature. To ensure that nobody forgets to obtain a loyal mount in this game, we have created this guide to help you out!

Final Fantasy 16 Chocobo Mount Guide

Final Fantasy 16 Rowan

You can obtain a Chocobo mount by completing the White-Winged Wonder side quest. Unlike other side missions with the (!) sign, this quest has a (+) mark, and you can start it by speaking to a merchant named Rowan in Martha’s Rest.

The man will ask you to help a group of Chocobos who are actively fighting bandits in the area. You can locate this courageous group of animals by finding a white feather near the swamp. Then, the game will mark the next location you must go to, and you will encounter several outlaws cornering three Chocobos.

Once you defeat all enemies, Clive will recognize the bird as his old mount, Ambrosia. The Chocobo has gained a scar on her left eye after saving Clive from a fallen rock in the Prologue. Rowan arrives soon after and offers to saddle the Chocobo after hearing that Ambrosia is Clive’s mount.

Final Fantasy 16 Riding Ambrosia

Now that you have reunited with Ambrosia, you can take her to any open area in Final Fantasy 16. Although this title is not an open-world game, you can still explore several semi-open spaces you can unlock by progressing through the main quest. Your mount is especially useful when locating monsters on the Notorious Mark board.

You can call Ambrosia by holding the R3 button for several seconds. Afterward, you can climb onto your mount by pressing the X button. You can also make the Chocobo gallop by continuously holing R2, and then you can finally dismount by holding the R3 button again.

That is the end of our guide on obtaining a Chocobo mount in Final Fantasy 16. If you need more help with the game, go to the comment section below and write down any issue you encounter!

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