Final Fantasy XV not showing at E3 2015

Square Enix, you keep teasing and then just taking away from us. Earlier this year Square Enix announced that the latest installment in the Final Fantasy franchise would have a limited presence at E3 this year, which would feature a trailer and that was about as far as Square Enix was going for Final Fantasy XV. Sadly we were teased but Square Enix took it away, the big news of a new trailer for the game Square Enix has made the decision to push it back to Gamescon this year, so no brand new Final Fantasy at E3 this year. Of course given what Square Enix had planned originally for E3 regarding a trailer it was probably for the best.

Square Enix may have said that a new trailer was coming for E3 but it really was going to quite underwhelming, the companies original plan for a trailer was to show off a remixed version of all previously seen footage for the game. This would have essentially got fans hyped up for the game but would not have delivered any new information about the game pretty much making the trailer pointless and something that would disappoint fans. The Western devisions of Square Enix hated this idea for the new trailer and after some time the Japanese divisions agreed. Fans are going to have to wait a bit longer for Gamescon but hopefully the trailer should deliver what we want to see about the game.


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