Firewatch’s Xbox One release delayed in Europe, New Zealand, and Australia

Campo Santo’s hit first person exploration game Firewatch made its way to the Xbox One this week, arriving in multiple regions including the United States, Canada, Russia, Brazil and even Mexico, although it has not quite arrived for all Xbox One users just yet.

Firewatch has seen a release delay for the Xbox One in Europe, New Zealand, and Australia, and the reasoning simply comes down to some problems with the rating system not allowing for a simultaneous launch.

In a post on the Campo Santo Blog the studio shares that:

“Some ratings issues delayed our Xbox One launch” in these three territories. Europe will be getting the game on September 30th, and New Zealand and Australia will be getting it a week after that.”

Those impacted by the delay do not have long to wait before the game makes its arrival, and this particular version does offer an additional bonus in the form of free roam mode. This will allow players to fully explore the environment without the limitations of the narrative, although in combination with the gripping narrative the world will likely be better.

This mode is expected to arrive on other platforms at a later date, although that has yet to be revealed.


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