First details for 3DS version of Transformers Rise of the Dark Spark

As we already know Transformers Rise of the Dark Spark is set to be released on all major platforms in just a few weeks. The game on most platforms is set to connect the story set up in the upcoming new Transformers movie, Transformers Age of Extinction with High Moons Transformers video game series. However the 3DS version of the game is set to be a bit different to the console version, this version is set to be a turn based strategy game in the same vein as Ubisoft’s Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Shadow Wars. While we have already found out details for the major console release it is only know we are finding out details for the 3DS version. You can find these details below:

– Turn-based combat
– One of your units goes toe-to-toe with an opponent
– 3 rounds to do as much damage as possible before the round ends
– If you’re successful and deplete your opponent’s health, they will be removed from the map
– All Transformers can have up to 7 attacks to choose from each turn
– Each attack has a meter that must be charged up before using it
– With every round that goes by, that meter will fill up by one
– Choosing the right time to use the move is essential, especially with those that require high charging level
– Otherwise you could end up using a move that would have been more effective later
– Gain two extra charging points by successfully block an enemy attack
– In the campaign, you’ll alternate between the Autobots and Decepticons
– Each Transformer has its own moveset and Super Move based on their personality
– Ex: Optimus Prime’s Vanguard is able to pull the enemy’s attention to himself in order to give other units time to heal or move to a safer location
– With each mission, you have a set amount of Energon that each unit can take to activate their Super Move
– The team looked at “most of the major games” in the strategy RPG genre on the market, especially on the 3DS, while developing the game
– They also want it to be a game that can be enjoyed by people that don’t normally play strategy RPGs
-2D sprites on the map
– In battles, you’ll see the Transformers in full 3D
– All of the Transformers have textures applied in the game

Are you looking forward to playing this game, and will you play the 3DS version if you will it could be fun and different and hopefully it will be good. It does not look as good graphically but it might actually have more potential game play wise.

Source: Nintendo Everything

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