First details for new DOOM announced

We have known there was a new DOOM game incoming for quite some time now but we just hadn’t found any details yet, however it is my pleasure to say we have our first details on the game which was brought to us during QuakeCon 2014 today, the game was announced to be coming to the Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC. Here are the details announced at QuakeCon enjoy:

General details

– It’s called Doom, not Doom 4
– Origin game
– Reimagines everything about the originals
– Begins just outside of a massive research facility on the surface of Mars
– Demons combat mechanic in the game
– Mechanical, corrupt, hell knights
– Second mechanic: guns
– There are conventional guns, “Big” guns
– Doom will focus on high-speed movement and run-and-gun
– Some combat will be hand-to-hand
– Runs on idTech 6
– 1080p
– 60FPS

Gameplay demo

– Gameplay demo getting started. Tons of gray steel walls, flames, and a shotgun
– A key feature will be stunning enemies with a shot, then smashing their face with your boots
– A new twist on finding the yellow keycard: year off a corpse’s arm and use it to open a handprint scanner
– Doesn’t look like health regenerates. Enemies drop health when you squish them
– A demon just ripped the player’s arms off and beat him to death with them
– An adorable custodial droid is trying to clean up all the blood
– The player is now exploring a dank, Mars cave system
– The hand-to-hand kill moves are varied and fantastically gory
– There’s a huge variety of enemies on display
– Small demons swarming with giant bullet-sponges
– And the demo ends with the reveal of the giant, horned demon we saw in the teaser

Source: Gaming Everything

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