A new Star Fox game has been a long time coming, the last game in the franchise to technically be seen was Star Fox 64 3D which was a remake of the classic 64 game for the Nintendo 3DS. Before that the last game in the Star Fox franchise we saw was near the start of the Nintendo DS, with the first handheld console entry in the franchise Star Fox Command in 2006, which changed up some of the classic systems and added an entirely new way to play. Of course myself along with many others never acknowledged this entry in the franchise and instead would note the last entry to be released for the franchise to be back on the Gamecube, the game was Star Fox Assault in 2005 and was both loved and hated by players.

Following all this many of us hoped the great space hero would return on the Wii, however this never happened and at this point many of us lost faith that the franchise would see a new entry. But E3 last year came and surprised us all with the announcement that a Star Fox game would be coming to the Wii U, something that filled many of us with joy, but also filled us with unease, after missing the Wii this game coming up would have to be good and many like myself fear this will not be the case. The game was first announced more than nine months ago and still we have no trailer for the game, we know next to nothing, we are basically in the same boat as Zelda U except the difference being we have at least had a trailer and some game footage for that game. With E3 coming up we are hoping for something big, we are hoping for a trailer that blows us away and captures our interest, but also we are hoping for more. Star Fox on the Wii U has a lot of potential but I feel there is a few things that need to be done in the game to make the best it can be, so here are the five things I want to see in Star Fox.

5. Online multiplayer

Okay, I think this one is pretty obvious. I personally don’t really play games online, I find the experience to not be personal and playing with people online is nowhere near as fun as playing games with someone on a couch next to you, however a wide variety of the gaming audience do play online and so it would be a nice feature to have. If Nintendo wanted to add online multiplayer it could be done reasonably well particularly if Nintendo looks to Star Fox 64 for advice, the multiplayer in Star Fox 64 was quite fun and enjoyable and the whole dog fight system for online multiplayer would work well. To put it simply with the Wii U’s advanced power and more options, battlefields could be larger, and more people could be present for an all-out space warfare, perhaps even a team based battle.
However for multiplayer in general but particularly online further battle options could be available, I think it would be amusing to take the Landmaster to the streets of Corneria and have an all-out tank battle. Or, there is even the option to have all-out submarine wars on one of the ocean planets, I don’t entirely know how it would work but it would be another interesting option for multiplayer.

4. On ground exploration sections

Star Fox Adventures

People who played 2002’s Star Fox Adventures will be aware of the exploration segments found in the game, many actually hated them, the main reason for this I would suggest was because it was different from what was done by past entries in the franchise. Though I propose bringing them back and doing them better and making them more amusing. Following a great space battle in the Arwing it would be nice to have to explore an underground facility or major building and solve a crisis, perhaps even explore and solve puzzles in said locations. Should Nintendo want to do more with these sections I reckon it would be good to make use of multiple members of the Star Fox team, to fill some dull exploration section it would be nice to see the game switch back and forth between one member of the team in the air and another exploring on the ground.

3. Plenty of dogfight sections

Star Fox 64 dogfight

One of the best parts about Star Fox 64 or Lylat Wars if you prefer was the dogfight sections, these sections removed you from the linearity of on rail levels that plagued most of the game, they were also arguably the most fun parts of the game. In these sections you would fight a series of enemies in a battlefield, often leading to dealing with the enemy team Star Wolf. These sections were exciting, but sadly few and far between, we needed more and that is exactly what I propose be done with Star Fox for the Wii U.

2. Local cooperative campaign

Everything is better with a friend, look at the Borderlands games they are vastly improved by the addition of the other players in local co-op. Star Fox would benefit from having a story or campaign that allows two people to play together. Just imagine the epic battles of Star Fox 64 but with a second player to join the fight, I can’t say for certain if this would work, but it is undeniable how fun it sounds. It would allow more difficulty modifications which would be quite enjoyable, not to mention with the previous things I would like including the dog fight sections and even on ground exploration sections would be enjoyable to play with another player. I also doubt this would happen but it would be nice.

1. A well-made story

By well-made story I do not mean like The Last of Us which featured an amazing story, nor do I mean a story like one of Telltale’s games, I would just like to see a decent well thought out story. Quite simply something that explains the Star Fox team’s absence and what brought them back, the game could tell a story of great catastrophe in the Lylat system which could lead different members of the Star Fox team into many different battles. With a good story will come more story based motivation ensuring more attachment to the game, this will make our battles in the Lylat system more meaningful and help us to get attached to the characters and invest in the happenings of the system. I personally doubt this would happen but it would be nice.

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