Free Untitled Goose Game Update Adds Multiplayer Mode

It’s a beautiful day in the village, and you are…TWO horrible geese?

That’s right! Australian developer House House has listened to their fans and made the community’s hopes and dreams come true. Innovative puzzle-stealth hybrid title Untitled Goose Game will be receiving a multiplayer mode, in which two players can work together. With each player controlling their own goose, these two havoc-motivated honkers will be able to cause even more chaos around the formerly peaceful village. Harass the gardener, steal the young boy’s glasses, and also claim the village’s ultimate treasure — the golden bell — for your very own!

Untitled Goose Game made quite a splash — or would it be a “squawk” — when it was released in September 2019 for iOS, Microsoft Windows, and Nintendo Switch. A few months later, in December, the title made its way to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The game sold over one million copies before the end of 2019 and won several awards, including the Game Developer’s Choice Award for Game of the Year. It also quickly went viral on the Internet, with images and video clips from the game frequently posted on various social media sites.

Players have been asking for a multiplayer mode since the game’s initial release – and it is finally happening. The upcoming co-op expansion was a surprise announcement at the very end of Nintendo’s all-digital Indie World Showcase live stream on August 18. It will be released as a free update on September 23. Additionally, the stream revealed that a physical release of the Switch version of Untitled Goose Game is also planned, but did not announce an official launch date for this product.

How will you use Untitled Goose Game’s co-op mode to find new solutions to its creative, chaotic puzzles? Let us know!

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