From Noob to Pro Essential Warzone 2 Skills to Master

Call of Duty Warzone 2 has been a blockbuster among the gaming community worldwide since its release. The free-to-play version has attracted more players who are ready to test their and opponents’ skills to win the battle. The original sequel was published in 2019 by Activision. Since then, the popularity never dents. The recent version of Warzone is more appealing, with new maps, game modes, innovative game mechanisms, and gameplay. The core theme remains unaltered but with supplementary twists and turns that make the title more challenging. This title is one of the top notches in battle royale genera.


The cheats and hacks leverage

As more gamers of different caliber have flocked around Warzone 2, the standard of competition has increased frantically. Most gamers have exceptional battle skills, and some even use undetectable hacks and cheats; if you want to confront them, raw skill alone would not be enough. You need to maximize your warzone skills with Top-Rated Hacks. The cheats and hacks leverage the combat skills and give you an edge necessary to survive and thrive in the hostile ecosystem of warzone2. There are tons of shooting in battle royale games, and to outperform your enemies, you have to develop precise shooting ability. The aimbot hacks provide indispensable shooting prowess, where you aim, lock and shoot instantly and lethally. Once the target is locked, the inbuilt mechanism of the hack presses the trigger for an accurate headshot. 


Select a safe location

Most conventional battle royale game starts with a drop-in, where a player selects a location and parachute down toward the destined spot. It is critical to select a familiar area for a drop-in; often, selecting a secluded area is a terrible idea, as other gamers choose the same area. If this occurs, you can glide the parachute to some other area. This procedure can be performed even after you cut the cord. As you dive, pop up the parachute and then snap the cord. This hastens the speed and throws you frontward forcefully, so you glide more ground and land in an area distant from the preplanned one. 


Al Mazrah

To survive and excel in warzone2, you need to know the new map nomenclature Al Mazrah with eighteen new places of interest. There are marsh and water bodies where your naval combat skills will be tested ruthlessly. Even the season gamers need to pay close attention to know the different vantage points and best airdrop areas. Until and unless you know the terrain well, you are likely to go off track, and the knowledge of the map becomes determining factor between defeat and victory. 


The purpose is to stay alive

Battle Royale is the core essence of warzone2; like other titles such as PUBG and Fortnite, the last living entity is bestowed the winner title. There are many districts in Al Mazrah that need to be explored. You can venture solo or with comrades. The choice is yours. In whatever mode you start the voyage, the sole purpose is to stay alive till the last moment. For it, you need proper resources and loadout. An ideal drop zone and accumulating the right arms and ammunition are essential for the successful accomplishment of the mission. 


Closing circle

The ever-closing circle in the gameplay that contracts over time calls for close combat prowess and knowing the escape route. You cannot survive in the area as your health would get deteriorate, compelling you to exit the zone. In the latest sequel, the circle is divided into three smaller zones implying you have the privilege of three safe areas instead of one. As the game steps forward, all safe areas would amalgamate into one, and the combat intensify in the area leading to some fierce gun fights.


Do not stockpile cash 

Warzone has a fiat currency of its own; as you accomplish contracts and move around, you get rewarded in this currency. In some intricate contracts, you get handsome rewards for completing it but do not hoard the cash. There are no reward points to keep the cash with yourself. Spend it in Buy Stations marked on the map. In the stores, you get some world-class weapons, armor, and UAVs. In times of intense combat, these gears will help you to win the battle. But if your teammates are vulnerable to injuries and death, you can buy them back in lieu of a bag full of cash. 


DMZ mode 

In warzone2, you will find a new mode called DMZ, where you need to collaborate with other team members to complete an assignment. In this mode, you need to compete with other sixty-five players, and things could change in a blink, and you could be eliminated before extracting, implying squandering all the accumulated loot. Each round comes with specific extraction points exhibited by a blue symbol on the map. With EFT hacks, you can spot these extraction points easily and aboard the helicopter before other players sneak in and exit the place safely with the loots. 

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