Game Busters Podcast Ep 17 – The Next Generation!

With all that’s happened this week, it’s hard to believe the next generation of gaming is upon us. The Xbox Series X/S hits shelves today, and the PlayStation 5 won’t be far behind.

Join Nirav and Rhi for a cozy free-form discussion on our most anticipated titles of next gen before the consoles launch this week followed by a fight to the death to see which heroes and games were the best of the best last generation.

Can The Hunter from Bloodborne manage to climb a mountain? Is Mario actually a better Royal Knight than Link? Can Xbox maybe make one good game that isn’t Ori? Only one way to find out! This is going to be a pretty chill, laid back discussion, but I hope everyone is ready to just take a week and unwind. It’s Game Busters: Fireside Chats!

For more from Nirav and Rhi, check out the last episode of Game Busters where they dive into the horror genre. Also check out their retellings of Final Fantasy VII and Dishonored. 

Want another podcast? Head on over to the latest episode of Buy It, Try It, Deny It! 


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