GameLuster Discussion – E3 Predictions

A Gameluster Discussion with Moises Garza (as me), Jose Salazar (as jomars1992) and Bryan Gonzalez (as bryangnz)

 me: Hello welcome to Gameluster Discussion , I am Moises Garza admin and will be discussing E3 and our predictions. Joining me today are
10:32 PM
jomars1992: Jose Salazar Editor in Chief
bryangnz25: Hey i’m Bryan Gonzalez Reviewer
 me: So are you guys ready for E3?
10:33 PM
jomars1992: i’ll be getting up early just to watch
 bryangnz25: Wait could i be Reviewer in Chief? Just asking
And I’ll be ready for it
10:34 PM
me: Lol maybe when you do reviews 😛
 jomars1992: lol
 me: Anyways Microsoft Press Conference begins on June 4th 11:30 CT
  So have you guys seen previous Micrsoft press conferences?
10:36 PM
bryangnz25: Well I don’t think I’ve seen any but seems very informative
 jomars1992: never have no but i’m anticipating their intro of the new gears of war
 me: I actually started to see from 2008 actively, and it has been getting stranger every year
10:37 PM
 bryangnz25: Stranger in what way?
 me: They make it like a show instead of actually focusing on the game
 jomars1992: really? i didn’t know it existed till 2 years ago. it’s pretty freakin though
  has lady gaga gone?
10:38 PM
me: Also too much kinect, and entertainment apps
 bryangnz25: So they got off topic majority of the time?
  Or focus on little things
 me: I believe she came out in the Activision one
10:39 PM
 yeah unlike sony’s it has been quite dissapointing
 jomars1992: i love the gameplay of the games they’re about to release
  all of that planning and coordination between the “anchors” is pretty interesting
10:40 PM
bryangnz25: What games are they releasing
 jomars1992: it’s like a 4 day long 24 hr news cast on video games
10:41 PM
the new star wars 1313, halo 4, dead space 3
  and much more
 bryangnz25: Right. Heard about all those games
 me: Yup, but the conference typically last 2 hours
10:42 PM
 So do you think theyll announce something new at E3? I mean would they be able to surprise us with something?
10:43 PM
jomars1992: there’s always surprises at E3. As i’m sure there will be with the Wii-U
10:44 PM
 bryangnz25: I’m hoping for some information about Black Ops 2. There are many top YouTube gaming commentators are talking about it a lot
 me: Yup but we discussing Microsoft at the moment
  Yeah but I know E3 used to be amazing in surprising now it just lets us know what we already knew
10:45 PM
Yup Black Ops 2 looks good
 jomars1992: well it’s true that some analysts are saying that it won’t have the same excitement this year
 bryangnz25: Well either way anything on Black Ops 2 like kill steaks, or maps, or even the campaign would be great
10:46 PM
 me: I dont expect the new “720” or whatever to be announced this year
 bryangnz25: Not sure. I’ve been seeing some videos and they are hoping for Black Ops 2 to really come through
 jomars1992: no. me neither. but maybe an update or tease about the 720?
10:47 PM
bryangnz25: And also the PS4?
 me: I think it will but will see if it can outdo mw3
  Still in Microsoft 😛
10:48 PM
 So Basically I expect Micorsoft to do another show and talk about games we know about like halo 4 and new gears and focus on kinect and apps
 bryangnz25: Also the new sport games of NBA 2K13, etc
10:49 PM
jomars1992: this will prolly be the last e3 where the current gaming systems will still relevant
10:50 PM
me: Yeah true, Hopefully Microsoft does something new and fresh
10:51 PM
 jomars1992: this year i hear they will be announcing a more refined kinect like it being able to read individual finger movements
 bryangnz25: Now that would be something impressive
 me: If they do kinect 2.0 then I agree
10:52 PM
jomars1992: also they will be pushing the 360 as an entertainment system by announcing more partnerships with tv broadcasters and other programs
10:53 PM
 netflix, hulu+, and hbo are currently part of the lineup
 bryangnz25: Didn’t know about that. Mmm
10:54 PM 
me: Yeah which is what I have said earlier too much focus on the apps, theyre great and all but thats not why I bought my xbox360
10:55 PM 
jomars1992: why did u buy ur 360?
10:56 PM
 me: Well honestly, I had a Wii and PS3 so I felt why not have all 3
 bryangnz25: Sweet. I have all 3 too but I got the original Xbox not the 360
10:57 PM
 jomars1992: LOL! a good a reason as any
  i aint got no wii. the zumba’s fun though
 me: You should upgrade :P. Anyways how do you think Microsoft will do at this E3? I think maybe a C+ or B-?
10:58 PM
 bryangnz25: I think a straight B! Nothing more nothing less..
 jomars1992: I don’t know. I thought last year’s was a B+ at least
10:59 PM
me: Well better than Sony’s :P. Anyways, Now unto the Sony is at 8 pm CT , any of you seen the Sony one before?
 jomars1992: not in it’s entirety
 bryangnz25: Not at all. But I’m really interested in it because I’m a PS3 user 🙂
11:00 PM
jomars1992: i love my ps3 too
  Sony needs to make a huge push for awesome games for the Vita.
 me: I agree, PS3 is great with the exclusives
11:01 PM
Yeah Vita actually needs some vita, I am punny 😀
 bryangnz25: I’m hoping for Sony to give a big surprise and come out with some great stuff
 jomars1992: haha. yeah the machine itself i pretty impressive, but the content’s been sluggish
11:02 PM
me: I have been following Sony since 2010, since they used to go after Nintendo I never watch it :P. But I admit they tend to have the best conferences
 jomars1992: it needs some memorable franchises to boost sales and excitement
 bryangnz25: That is true
 me: The problem is they make it like console that is portable when it should be unique instead
11:03 PM
If I want a console experience I get a console
11:05 PM 
jomars1992: they’ll probably announce the PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale fighting game
11:06 PM
it’s a cross platform for the vita and ps3 that they hope will gin up sales for the handeld
11:07 PM
me: I hope it can differentiate itself from Smash Brothers
 bryangnz25: OH yeah apparently Sony’s rumored Super Smash Bros. style fighter may have a new name
11:08 PM 
me: The All Stars name is cliche
 jomars1992: yeah it is
11:09 PM 
bryangnz25: They could have made a better name but oh well
 jomars1992: i’m not sure if announcing call of duty and killzone for the vita is gonna increase sales though
  am i wrong
 me: I agree, I mean the DS has had Call of Duty before so I dont see the big deal
11:11 PM
bryangnz25: It’s not just those games, probably Assassin’s Creed 3 as well
 me: If it were exclusive than it will help
 jomars1992: i rather just play those things on my ps3
11:12 PM
bryangnz25: Exactly me too
 me: I agree with Joey, you can buy a ps3 or vita for same price, I get ps3
 jomars1992: like i said to moises though, the only thing i play on a portable is pokemon
 bryangnz25: Pokemon is the best 😀
 me: I just think it might be an awkward moment for sony with the vita on E3
 jomars1992: hell yeah! i wanna catch em all!
 me: Yeah pokemon is awesome
11:13 PM bryangnz25: I just love the theme song. Its just very catchy
 jomars1992: the vita seems to be fading. it’s kinda sad. i think it had great potential coming out of the gate.
 bryangnz25: and takes you back into being a kid
  And it doesn’t have that long being out, aren’t i right?
 jomars1992: i’m curious how they’ll try and recover that fumble
 me: It should have been a smartphone instead, would have done better
11:14 PM
jomars1992: the vita? not long ago at all. in Feb actually
 bryangnz25: Yeah thought so
 me: Yeah December for Japan
11:15 PM
jomars1992: i’m thinking they will announce a price cut for the ps3.
 me: Choosing the name Vita was a bad decision in my opinion
  Soon? Maybe more bundles. I think Sony wants Microsoft to cut first
11:16 PM
jomars1992: what about a tease for the ps4?
 bryangnz25: Vita a poor business choice for Sony. And yes PS4
  Apparently it should be coming out next year
 me: If Microsoft doesnt tease they probably wont either
11:17 PM I believe Sony is keeping on eye Microsoft and follow their lead
 bryangnz25: But if Microsoft doesn’t tease, then it would be a perfect time for Sony to do a tease
 jomars1992: maybe your right. they rather keep attention on invigorating the vita
  and announcing new content to help the systems they have sell
 me: Would it? Maybe but it could cannabolize PS3 sales
11:18 PM
Yeah since PS3 is starting to profit decently and Sony as whole is doing badly
11:19 PM
 jomars1992: the cross-play feature is a big advantage though. not something the others have
 bryangnz25: If your right and Sony is doing badly then they shoud make a drastic move and announce something that can somehow turn the tides
11:20 PM
me: True but I don’t want to buy 2 copies for both systems, It be nice to be able to just swap with same game
 bryangnz25: Cross-play very innovative
11:21 PM
 jomars1992: i think it would be wise to cut the price of the vita all the same
  it would get media coverage and get sales moving a little more
11:22 PM
 me: Thats true but does sony want marketshare or profit?
 bryangnz25: That would be a smart decision in their part
 me: The reason I dont expect price cut is because sony hasnt been doing well lately
11:23 PM
bryangnz25: I mean with the way vita is working out wouldn’t it workout on both accounts?
 me: Yeah but if they sell vita at loss then they make no money
 jomars1992: Sony’s stuck between a rock and a hard place it seems
11:24 PM 
me: Yeah they are, maybe they can turn things around at E3
 bryangnz25: How can u come back from this? Its like a double dagger… what do u do?
 me: They have to chose which side will stab them less
 jomars1992: hopefully the games, exclusives, and other content will give the company and PlayStaion a boost
11:25 PM 
me: Maybe PSN plus can also help
11:26 PM
bryangnz25: Sony hopefully they have some good stuff
11:27 PM
 jomars1992: Sony is sure to have some good games too. The Last of Us from Uncharted is one i’ll be keeping an eye on
 me: Well I think Sony might do a B+ at E3, what do you guys think?
11:28 PM 
jomars1992: I’m gonna be more optimistic. A-
 bryangnz25: I don’t know why but i think Microsoft might have an edge on Sony. So I’ll say B-
11:29 PM
me: So last but not least, Nintendo. Their is on June 5th 11 am CT
11:30 PM 
jomars1992: my least favorite, so never seen this one before, and never really wanted to
 bryangnz25: Nintendo, I’m gonna be so far-fetched but I hope they can come up with something like the N64 🙂
 me: Ouch :0 lol. I actually been following them since 2006
11:31 PM
jomars1992: the wii-u is sure to be the highlight this year
 me: I want something like SNES
  I’m not so sure, I mean Nintendo has screwed up on things like this
11:32 PM
bryangnz25: Now whats so different with the Wii U compared to the Wii
11:33 PM
And Joey u might be right cuz they gave a preview last year if i’m correct about the Wii U
 me: Exactly what I mean. Nintendo hasnt been very keen on differentiating them apart
 bryangnz25: So that might be their main focus on this year
 me: Well Wii is pretty much dead so yeah and also 3DS
11:34 PM
jomars1992: wii-u supposed to be touch screen if i’m not mistaken. moises is the expert on nintendo
11:35 PM
bryangnz25: Haha hey that is true!!
 me: I am 🙂
  Controller would be a shell of an ipad with and buttons
 bryangnz25: yeah saw the controller
 me: So it gives gaming a new way to play
 jomars1992: the bar for Nintendo is pretty low this year. the prototype for the wii-u was a flop and investors are expecting to be dissapointed again this year
11:36 PM
 i rather get an ipad and play some random app
 bryangnz25: its like a Pad with all the buttons, In my opinion, it doesnt look goo
 me: I dont think Wii U will flop just not do what Wii did
 bryangnz25: good*
 jomars1992: not angry birds though. that game is overrated
 me: yeah cut the rope all the way!
11:37 PM
bryangnz25: HEY! Angry Birds is such a badass game 🙂 lol
 me: Well Nintendo could make wii u big or screw it up, I say somewhere between
  It seems its getting all 3rd party games + nintendo games
11:38 PM
 jomars1992: ipad’s processing speeds are better too
 bryangnz25: So the controller for the Wii U is supposed to display on the screen whatever shows on the television
 me: yes and no
 jomars1992: or actually get better with each ipad
11:39 PM 
me: you can use it to see around you, see something different or you can just play on it without the need of a tv
  Ipads proccesing is speed is better than..?
 bryangnz25: now that is just pointless i think.
Idk where they are going with that
 me: DS
11:40 PM
DS was such a hit so why not give same experience on wii U and also tablet
  They are doing a Sony but backwards
 bryangnz25: Weird? lol
11:41 PM
 jomars1992: they did make a lot of money intially from the more than 95 million wiis they sold. about $14 billion.
  so they have the oppurtunity for a gamble
 bryangnz25: Impressive
 me: Yup, I heard they have to screw up 3 generations in a row to even go bankrupt
 bryangnz25: and if they do have the money i mean why not
11:42 PM
OH dam! That is crazy
 me: I think Wii U will be fine because is nintendo. If nintendo was fine during the gamecube days then they can always survive
 bryangnz25: gamecube… haha. yup
11:43 PM
 me: Nintendo Made more money than sony during the Ps2 era
  thats quite scary when you think about it
 bryangnz25: I mean Nintendo i think is more suited for anybody you know?
 jomars1992: the wii-u looks like a preschooler’s ipad
11:44 PM
bryangnz25: For all ages. Yes it does!
 jomars1992: i think they have a monopoly on women who want to get in shape too
 me: Yeah true
 jomars1992: my sister and even my mother has used it
 me: Wii Fit?
 bryangnz25: Hahha that was funny joey
 jomars1992: yup. and zumba
11:45 PM 
me: and just dance
 bryangnz25: Dance is good
  I’ve played it once or twice
 me: I havent only done Dance Central
11:46 PM
 jomars1992: zumba kicked my ass
 me: And thoughts on the 3DS?
 bryangnz25: Mmmm!! DDR now that would be just simply amazing if Nintendo did something with that
 jomars1992: hate that game
 bryangnz25: 🙁
 me: I think DDR lost its touch which is kinda of ironic at this time
11:47 PM
 jomars1992: maybe i’m just lazy, but i just want a romote to play with
11:48 PM 
bryangnz25: Lmao. Now that u bring it up moises ur right. With the technology now it would be pointless to have the whole DDR
  Like the pad with the arrows and whatnot
 me: Just do it with kinect
11:49 PM 
jomars1992: what about any changes to the 3DS?
 bryangnz25: Instead of the arrows
 jomars1992: i know the battery life isn’t what it’s been like on other handhelds Nintendo has developed
 me: A 3DS redesign? I dont see one at this E3 because of Wii U
  Yeah its like PSP bad D:
11:50 PM 
bryangnz25: yupp! That is my point. It looks off
 me: I hope they talk Luigi’s Mansion 2 been waiting for the sequel for a long time
11:51 PM 
bryangnz25: The 3DS also looks bigger than past generations
  Bigger screens?
 me: Really? It looks like a DSi too me
  the DS phat was a tank!
11:53 PM 
bryangnz25: Mmm so i just read that it is actually smaller?
11:54 PM
All i know for sures is that it will be expensive
11:55 PM 
me: If there is a redesign, it will probably have bigger battery, better cameras, maybe come with dual sticks
 jomars1992: i haven’t heard anything about price or software
 bryangnz25: Yes they actually added a camera in the front
 me: 2 In front
11:56 PM
jomars1992: for the wii-u i mean
11:57 PM
 NIntendo also has to update online services. it lags far behind that of the other big 2
 bryangnz25: Idk why but how could they compete with the other 2?
 me: Most definitely, With the Wii U they get a chance for a redo so lets see if they do it right
11:58 PM
 How can Nintendo compete with MS and Sony?
 bryangnz25: Online i mean
 me: Just copy and paste like Sony 🙂
 jomars1992: they can’t. not directly. but they need a way to expand their reach now that apple has been taking business away
11:59 PM
 bryangnz25: Hahah. On point joey
 me: Yeah, theres rumors they might do something with Valve, that can be big
 jomars1992: they need to improve on digital distribution,online marketing, and multiplayer interaction
12:01 AM me: Well Nintendo plans with Wii U to make all first party games to come out day 1 on digital
 bryangnz25: I guess we’ll have to wait and see if they are good
12:02 AM me: Ok so how do you think Nintendo will do. I cant really decide, it can be A+ or an F so I’ll go with an Incomplete
12:03 AM
bryangnz25: My grade for Nintendo is probably a C
 jomars1992:They have the most to gain or lose this time. i’m leaning towards a loss though  C-
12:04 AM
bryangnz25: Yeah.. I was thinking a C- but a C is a C to me
 jomars1992: is that what you said when u got a C- in one of ur classes?
12:05 AM
 bryangnz25: this guy :'( u both love messing with me
  haha and yes joey exactly
12:06 AM
me: lol someone has too
12:07 AM
Well this ends our discussion of E3 and our Predictions
12:08 AM
bryangnz25: So don’t forget to come check out what GameLuster has to offer.
12:09 AM
jomars1992: Yeah stayed tuned for info and opinion on all things E3
12:10 AM
me: On Tuesday night we Will have our Review and Thoughts of E3
  Hope you enjoyed this like we did.
12:11 AM
 jomars1992: or more
 bryangnz25: So Like, Comment, Subscribe! And we’ll see you at our sites!
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