GameLuster Discussion – E3 Review

A Gameluster Discussion with Moises Garza (as me), Jose Salazar (as jomars1992) and Bryan Gonzalez (as bryangnz)

me:Welcome to the GameLuster E3 Review, I am Moises Garza, admin of the site. Joining me today
jomars1992: is Editory Jose Salazar
bryangnz25: And Reviewer in Chief Bryan Gonzalez
jomars1992: wait let me spell it right!
Editor Jose Salazar
bryangnz25: awww
7:51 PM
me: Bryan the Chief wanna be huzzah!
jomars1992: lol
bryangnz25: haha!
7:52 PM
me: So let me start with this E3 was quite disappointing, very lackluster
The fact that Ubisoft had the best conference is quite strange
7:53 PM
jomars1992: i thought Sony was fine
bryangnz25: Well what about Sony? They were one of the top as well
And Nintendo!
me: I was liking Sony the best, until the wonderbook came out
7:54 PM
bryangnz25: wonderbook .
what were they thinking about that
me: i started watching sony’s late so when I got to the wonderbook, it was so boring that I just skipped most of it
7:55 PM
jomars1992: the wonderbood was pretty embarrassing
but i have a soft spot for harry potter
me: It was to have something new to compete with wii u gamepad
jomars1992: i’d stick to reading the books though
7:56 PM
me: I will admit sony did stick for the most part to the games
jomars1992: yes. not as much time spent on the vita like i thought
me: And they end it well
jomars1992: they did showcase a few games for the vita
me: Well I am glad they focused less on the vita, it is sadly irrelevant as a gaming device at the moment
7:57 PM
jomars1992: fresh in my mind was assassin’s creed liberation
bryangnz25: Well what would u rather have the vita or the wonderbook?>
jomars1992: featuring the first female assassin in the franchise and focusing on some American history like Assassin’s creed 3 will
me: I cant see why anyone would want a wonderbook? It requires move which practically no one has
7:58 PM
bryangnz25: that is true ha!
me: The Assassin Vita looks good
jomars1992: the bundle i thought was pretty impressive
me: I am impressed with how ubisoft is well rounded on all consoles
jomars1992: the game, 4GB memory stick, and a new white crystal vita
7:59 PM
me: I think all vitas should come with some memory so that is great
bryangnz25: Yeah well overall on Sony they did good
8:00 PM
compared to the rest
jomars1992: i thought they did the best
me: Well I would say barely but true
1 yr of free psn plus to those who attended
8:01 PM
Lucky people who attended 🙁
me: For Microsoft, it started of good with halo 4 and splinter cell and it pretty much started to go downhill from there
bryangnz25: That is true. Halo 4 looks way better than Halo 3
8:02 PM
But what about Black Ops at the end?
jomars1992: I agree with Moises.
bryangnz25: Black Ops 2*
me: Yeah but it was unveiled last year so it makes it less exciting
jomars1992: Black Ops 2 just looks like more of the same
me: So they got black ops 2 which will also be on ps3
jomars1992: most of the games looked like more of the same
bryangnz25: Of course its not the same?!
8:03 PM
I mean the sniper gun that he used
me: even worse they spent too much on time on apps which nothing to do with gaming
bryangnz25: that was so high-tech
Good point moises
8:04 PM
me: So xbox smartglass, trying to compete with wii u, why do they bother?
bryangnz25: Lmao. I thought that was soo far-fetched
I mean its better than the Wonderbook
8:05 PM
But nontheless just out there
me: and they probably will prefer those who have win 8 tablets than those on androids or ipads
Its like they want excuses to not go forward unto the nextgen
8:06 PM
bryangnz25: So much not excuses but delaying or trying to find more time
jomars1992: it’s just another screen. nothing special
8:07 PM
i’d like to see where they take xbox music
8:08 PM
bryangnz25: The only good thing that xbox presented was the ESPN
me: i dont see much potential on xbox music
and ESPN has nothing to do with me playing games
8:09 PM
jomars1992: they’re supposedly gonnastream music with spotify and have a library of 30 million songs
bryangnz25: But nontheless i think its a good addition
8:10 PM
me: Yeah but I get a game system to game first not to watch espn, if I want that I get on a cable box
bryangnz25: True. But nowadays any game system is turning into a computer
8:11 PM
me: Well that is microsoft’s problem, yes its great for espn and all that other stuff but why do it on E3 they can do that later and talk more about games
8:12 PM
jomars1992: people have actually spent more time watching movies then playing games on xbox live
8:13 PM
bryangnz25: Exactly. Netflix, Hulu, Amazon
jomars1992: movies, shows, and music that is
me: Yeah but those people dont tune to watch e3, I dont see people on the showfloor to demo all the new services?
8:14 PM
And the usher part, quite unnecessary
jomars1992: i dont see a problem with it.
theyre just getting people to watch them
8:15 PM
bryangnz25: I thought i was nice to see something like that
haha that was the best part!
jomars1992: usher does that i guess
bryangnz25: I mean he is Usher
me: The problem is they’re devoting too much on that then games, maybe microsoft should just make a multimedia device instead 😛
8:16 PM
jomars1992: i have his cologne
me: You guys havent watched previous E3’s 😛
jomars1992: i did. once
8:17 PM
bryangnz25: I haven’t but still. How bad would it have been without Usher?
me: How better you mean?
bryangnz25: Noo. I think i said it right
8:18 PM
jomars1992: Exactly Bryan
They just wanted some star power
I still wouldnt buy the game though
8:19 PM
me: E3 is about gaming, so doing something like this is a bit pointless but I do agree they just wanted some star power
8:20 PM
bryangnz25: Yeah true
8:21 PM
Nintendo… i thought was pretty cool!
jomars1992 has left
me: Me being a Nintendo Fan, I was a bit dissapointed
8:22 PM
bryangnz25: Well cuz you know everything about Nintendo
me: That could be it, I was annoyed by how many times they said they didnt have enough time to talk more of wii U and to keep going to e3 nintendo
8:23 PM
bryangnz25: Yeah
8:24 PM
The games though were really cool.
8:25 PM
I mean keeping the whole mario theme was good to hear
me: It did have alot of Mario in it, which I dont think its good
8:26 PM
bryangnz25: u dont think its good?
me: they should spread it more, too condensed
I mean mario 3ds on august, than mario wii u this holiday, with luigis mansion and paper mario this holiday as well
8:27 PM
what happened is the 3DS had no mario at launch and it did bad so now theyre pushing him quite hard
bryangnz25: To me it sounded too much but at the same time Mario is their best theme game
me: well best selling
bryangnz25: Yeah i see that now
8:28 PM
me: I dont want for them to exhaust mario, at least luigis mansion and paper mario are very different
8:29 PM
but 2 New New Super Mario so close to each other is quite excessive
bryangnz25: paper mario looks exciting! Feels like going back to the Nintendo 64
8:30 PM
Yeah i was a little confused by that
me: Thats true, can wait to get my hands on it and review it 🙂
Yeah but maybe Nintendo knows something we dont , like mario sells crazy 😛
8:31 PM
So how would you order your conferences?
Mine are Sony>Nintendo>Microsoft
8:32 PM
bryangnz25:Wow pretty good man! Me too!
Sony, Nintendo, Microsoft
8:33 PM
me: Yeah, Sadly Joey was kicked out the chat because of his internet
bryangnz25: That is a real disappointment 🙁
8:34 PM
me: Yeah I do know he agrees with Sony being the best, not sure between the other 2
8:35 PM
bryangnz25: I’m pretty sure he’ll be on board with us.
8:36 PM
me: Well from what I have talked to him before, I think he preferred Microsoft over Nintendo
I just got word from that he givs Sony an A-
8:37 PM
bryangnz25: Really? I wonder why
me: Microsoft B+
and Nintendo C+
jomars1992 has joined
bryangnz25: JOEY!
me: Yay he is back 🙂
We are just wrapping up
8:38 PM
jomars1992: I’m sorry bout that guys. Crappy internet connection
8:39 PM
me: We all agree sony had the better show, but me and bryan believe that Nintendo outdid microsoft
jomars1992: Nintendo was horribly boring
One guy was begging for an applause
8:40 PM
me: Really, must have missed that
bryangnz25: I dont recall
jomars1992: Yeah. He said “Where’s the love?”
8:41 PM
me: I guess that could mean he wants applause
jomars1992: it did
bryangnz25: Or all he wanted was love?
jomars1992: i saw it on G4TV
8:42 PM
a hooker maybe?
me: lol could be
Anyways any closing thoughts guys?
8:43 PM
jomars1992: I loved the video games. Quantic Dream’s new project, the Assassin’s Creed 3 set during the Revolutionary wAr
bryangnz25: I can’t wait for the Nintendo Mario games 🙂 they seem fun to play
Agree with Joey!
8:44 PM
jomars1992: Let’s kill us some Redcoats!
me: Agree with both of you 🙂
Let’s Hope next year we have better E3 maybe some new consoles 🙂
8:45 PM
bryangnz25: And just an overall better outlook for all 3
8:46 PM
bryangnz25: So don’t forget to come check out what GameLuster has to offer
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