Gaming Quote of the Week 10/27/2014

There are so many quotes used in games that stick with many of us, some because they are bad and you can’t get them out of your head no matter how hard you try, others really good and these ones are the ones I think about. Franchises like the Legend of Zelda contain a lot of these quotes that stick with us through everything and often if thought about hard enough leave us with some serious thoughts about the quote and the ideas it stands for, often we even come up with meanings which may not have been originally intended.

On many occasions the quotes that stick with us are not because they are significant or even thought provoking, sometimes they are just entertaining and make you happy to hear them. It is from this bag I pull this weeks quote of the week as it often stands proud as my favorite quote of all time from one of my favorite characters that I still haven’t worked if he is a good or bad guy.

“Got it Memorized”

Axel, Kingdom Hearts 2

I don’t what it is but there is something about this comment I just like, perhaps it is because it has a connection to the character you are playing as when you first hear this line in Kingdom Hearts 2 or it is simply because Axel is just really cool and this line goes along with his sarcastic nature. I don’t know what it is but I just like this line and I can’t really provide a long winded answer why, it is just as simple as that I like the line and that is why to me it is memorable and a line that I take with me.

If I think about it maybe, just maybe we can take these words to heart and think to ourselves in any situation, Got it Memorized. Who knows it might come in handy.

You can find my last Gaming Quote article about a quote from Ocarina of Time here, I personally think it is worth reading and I could possibly make you think.

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