Ganondorf is set to kick butt in Hyrule Warriors

It has been confirmed that Ganondorf the constant seeker of power, master of evil and there are just so many other things is coming to fight alongside Link and friends in the upcoming Hyrule Warriors, he has put aside his issues and obviously realised that he needs to assist the forces of light with dispensing this new great evil. He is even back having finally reached the infamous Super Saiyan 3 form and that should make him stronger then ever, well actually that is a joke and is merely a reference to the fact that he has the hairstyle of a Super Saiyan 3 from Dragon Ball Z only red. But yes jokes aside we actually get to play as Ganondorf as part of Hyrule Warriors and use him to complete missions and save the kingdom from the big enemy that is actually worse then Ganondorf.

Surely with Ganondorf’s skill set he should be quite a great character to play as and try to use throughout the game. He surely is one of the best choices that could be made to play as and offers a lot of potential to players.

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