Gearbox’s new IP Battleborn has been revealed

It seems new games are always being revealed and the latest one to be revealed tells us what Borderlands developer Gearbox have up their sleeves next. Game Informer has revealed Gearbox’s new IP as Battleborn and is said to be a mix of first person shooter mixed with elements of RPG styles of Gameplay essentially taking their experience with the Borderlands games and putting it into a new idea. The game is set to be in the style of a living comic book which could be really cool.

2K Games will publish Battleborn for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

First details include:

– Takes the minion smashing and fast leveling often associated with MOBAs and injects it into an intergalactic first-person battle arena

– Dramatic story

– Story assembles a universe’s worth of disparate heroes

– These include an immortal samurai to a minigun-wielding giant

– All are battling over the last star in the cosmos

– First announced competitive match type: Incursion

– Incursion is a 5 vs. 5 mode that combines fast-paced first-person gameplay with the strategic team-based elements of games like League of Legends and Dota 2

– Rival battleborn hunt one another in lush jungles and arid deserts while robotic NPC minions wage an ongoing tug-of-war

– Start on a level playing field at the beginning of each match

– Progress along a streamlined skill path up to level 20 filled with customizable abilities that unlock a variety of different play styles

– Many of these gameplay elements will also bleed into Battleborn’s five-player cooperative campaign – Each hero controls like they’re from entirely different first-person games

– The consummate space marine feels like he’s been ripped from any modern shooter

– A spry elven huntress leaps far above other players’ heads and rains down volleys of deadly arrows

– Huge cast of characters

– Rivaling factions

– Game will have humor

I will keep you up to date on any new details that come up on Battleborn in the future but the least I can say right now is it seems pretty cool and is going to have some really interesting ideas.

Here is the reveal trailer for the upcoming game:

Source: Game Informer

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