Gold Mega Man Amiibo is North America exclusive

Region exclusives are becoming more of a prominent problem, rather then just releasing the same thing everywhere and offer all fans the opportunity to own a certain game or figure, companies seem to hide more and more beyond region exclusivity. Let’s look at Project Zero: Maiden of Black Water quickly, for those in my section of the world we got to have the Special Edition physical copy while Americans were slapped with a stupid digital only release. For the latest one Americans are getting their revenge as the Mega Man Legacy Collection bundle for the Nintendo 3DS will only be available in North America. This also means that the special gold Mega Man Amiibo that comes with it is also region exclusive, speaking to a fan Capcom shared the information:

Mark is correct the Gold Amiibo is only for North America, the previous Mega Man Amiibo unlocks the same content.

For Europeans I do hope they overturn this decision sometime in the future, but for now it is a huge disappointment.

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