The Grand Theft Auto series has become an international sensation to both gamers and non-gamers. They are known for their intricate campaigns, great soundtracks, and fun multiplayer. Grand Theft Auto V has a very unique story, as you get to play as three different characters. The die-hard fans have explored the map as much as possible, and unlocked many different Easter eggs and found all of the collectables. The regular fans, or people who don’t play as many video games waited anxiously for Rockstar’s big reveal – Grand Theft Auto Online. Six months later, GameLuster is taking a look back and answering the talked about question: was the wait worth it?

The presentation of Grand Theft Auto Online has stayed the same, as there may have been a few graphical fixes here and there, but nothing too noticeable. Frame rate issues are still the same, as too many cars, people, or explosions at once cause a significant frame rate drop that would not appear in single player mode. Another presentation issue that has not been fixed is the lag compensation. People who live farther away from you tend to jump over the map during races and missions. Sometimes I will run into my friend with a car on my screen, but on his screen I missed by a few feet. This can be rather frustrating during firefights and other tense situations that may happen in Los Santos.


Rockstar has tried to entice players to keep playing by adding a new DLC every two weeks, and a content creator that increases the replay value of online very much. People enjoy doing new races and new missions in exchange for money to buy the new cars and outfits. I personally try to collect one vehicle from each DLC, because once the two weeks are over you cant purchase the vehicles again. This “collecting” adds a twist to races and missions, as everyone is new to them and on an even playing field. The only problem with the replay value is that you are almost forced to replay the high paying missions to get money. The lack of money found in the open world results in the need to do this, and at times can feel both boring and cheap.


But it shouldn’t feel cheap…


Keep in mind this is a Grand Theft Auto game, and even though Rockstar went for the “life simulator” experience, it does not work. Sometimes I want to mess around with my friends at the airport, and get upset when they kill me because I lose 500 dollars. This loss eventually adds up and your character becomes broke, resulting in no abilities (or car deliveries). This is what I, and many others, have a problem with. Is there a reason the game is titled after stealing cars, but I cant jump into my friend’s car if he dies and I need to get away from the cops? It gets to the point where I question if Rockstar even wanted gamers to have fun. If I steal a car to get to a location fast, I end up getting 2 stars because the police notice a stolen car. Yes, I get it is realistic, but sometimes people just want to sit down after a day of work or school and explore the world with their friends, so why is it that hard? Why hasn’t Rockstar created an invite only mode where you and your friends can mess around without losing or gaining money? Unfortunately I can’t answer that question, but I can assume that it will never happen, since the Heists they promised have been so delayed.


Grand Theft Auto Online is a great concept, but the team behind it has made too many mistakes for it to be influencial. The game is nice looking for the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360, but suffers many technical issues that should be fixed. The replayability feels forced, and can feel cheap. The worst part about Grand Theft Auto Online is the fact that it just doesn’t feel like a Grand Theft Auto game. Whether you’re in it for the story, trophies, or fun factor, I am positive we can all agree that Grand Theft Auto Online is a disappointment, and has not changed substantially since launch.


Positives: Fun at times, Free DLC

Negatives: Does not feel like a GTA game, Forced Replaying for money, Cant enjoy with friends
What has your experience been with Grand Theft Auto Online? Let us know in the comments below!

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