Great News All Around For Naughty Dog And The Last of Us

Today and throughout this week many great news stories have been reported about Naughty Dog and their 2013 hit game The Last of Us, and this is a round-up of all of it.

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One of the biggest of the biggest announcements which occurred this week which was relevant to The Last of Us, was the announcement, that a feature film of the game is currently in development and is being written by one of the games  lead managers and writers Neil Druckman. Also in a recent interview Troy Baker the person who voices Joel in the game, said he would be happy to reprise his role for the film.

Our full report of the movie announcement can be seen here

The second slate of great news came on later in the week. This was in the form of the BAFTA awards, in which Naughty Dog took home a dominating 5 awards ; Best action and adventure game, Audio  Achievement, Best Story, Best Game as well as Best Performer for Ashley Johnson as Ellie. (Shown Below)


The Final spectacular news which was debuted on Naughty Dogs official site is that to date, The Last of Us has sold 6 million copies world wide. Also Naughty Dog announced that they will be hosting 10 different panels at GDC 2014 featuring many aspects of The Last of Us’ creation, such as  AI design and Sky boxes. To see a full list of the panels check this link.


So how do you feel about Naughty Dogs major successes? Would you like a sequel and what would you like it to contain?


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