Gunman Clive collection has sold about 9,000 copies on the Wii U

Bertil Horberg’s Gunman Clive games have been a huge success on the 3DS but what about the Wii U? The Gunman Clive collection released on the Wii U last September for quite a decent price, but unfortunately has not gone all that well in worldwide sales. Bertil Horberg has reported that the game has sold about 9,000 copies since it launched on the system. This information however does not include Japan which Horberg also says was minimal.

However, Horberg has revealed that the Wii U version has sold ten times more then the Steam version of the game. Though in regard to Wii U sales considering the game is on the 3DS the sales are still not that bad.

Below are Hörberg’s full comments on the Wii U version’s performance:

“For some slight bit of context Gunman Clive HD Collection has sold about 9000 copies so far (not counting japan, for which I don’t have numbers yet but the initial reports were not very encouraging). Not an amazing number by any means still profitable by most measures: And also I imagine there’s a pretty big overlap of 3DS and WiiU owners so it’s not a big surprise that people aren’t double dipping. It’s about 10x the sales of the Steam release of GC2 however. Admittedly I’ve done an even worse job at promoting that release though and also don’t have many press contacts who focus on PC”

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