Hades 2: Best Hephaestus Build Guide

While the God of the Forge doesn’t appear in the first Hades game, the man finally shows up during Melinoe’s story. If you want to see how you can beat Chronos with his Boons, you can check out this Hades 2 Hephaestus build guide.

What Is the Best Hades 2 Hephaestus Build?

Hephaestus may not be the most popular god due to his blessings’ long cooldown time. However, his Boons could work well with powerful but slow weapons, such as The Argent Skull and Moonstone Axe.

Hades 2 Hephaestus Boons

  • Weapon: The Argent Skull – Combining Hephaestus’s Boons with The Argent Skull is a great idea for players who’re not comfortable using this weapon. The Forge God’s blessings center around increasing your survivability at the cost of slower gameplay.
  • Animal Familiar: Toula – This wild cat gives you one Death Defiance and deals 99 damage once per encounter.
  • Arcana Cards:
    • The Huntress – You deal more damage with your Attack and Special when your Magick gauge is not full.
    • The Messenger – Increase your chance of dodging oncoming attacks.
    • Strength – You deal more damage and receive less damage when your HP is less than 30 percent.
    • The Unseen – You restore two Magick points every second.
    • Death – Your Omega moves have a higher chance of dealing critical damage.
  • Keepsake:
    • Adamant Shard (Hephaestus) – Increases your chance of getting Hephaestus’ Boons and lets you raise the Rarity of your blessings once.
    • Silken Sash (Arachne) – You immediately get 20 Armor points, and you will restore two points every time you exit a chamber.
    • Experimental Hammer (Icarus) – Obtain one random Daedalus Hammer effect for the subsequent ten encounters.
  • Daedalus Upgrades:
    • Bolstered Array – You get two extra skulls, which raises your maximum amount to five.
    • Twisting Crash – Your Omega Special contracts inward after its initial expansion.
  • Boons:
    • Volcanic Flourish – Your Specials occasionally unleash a blast that deals 400 damage.
    • Volcanic Strike – Your Attacks occasionally cause a blast that deals 200 damage.
    • Tough Trade – If you take damage when performing your Attacks or Specials, they are stronger if they land.
    • Molten Touch – Your Attacks and Specials deal extra damage to Armor.
    • Heavy Metal – You gain an Armor that prevents your Foes’ attacks from knocking you away.
    • Fixed Gain – You receive 10 percent less damage and restore some Magick whenever you get hit.

That’s everything you need to know about the best Hephaestus build in Hades 2. For more related content, you can check out our article on how to obtain Shadow.

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