Hades 2: Best Hermes Build Guide

With the war against Chronos in full swing, Hermes is even more busy ensuring that everyone is well-informed. Despite his duty, the God of Swiftness still aids Melinoes in her task, and in this guide, we’ll discuss the best Hermes build in Hades 2.

What Is the Best Hades 2 Hermes Build?

Hermes is arguably one of the best gods in Hades 2 due to his useful blessings. Besides increasing your speed, his Boons can even reduce Hex cost, allowing you to spam the powerful Moon blessing.

Hades 2 Hermes Boons

  • Weapon: The Moonstone Axe – Hermes’s Boons can cover this weapon’s main weakness while still allowing you to deal a ton of damage.
  • Animal Familiar: Frinos – This cute frog deals damage to enemies once every encounter and increases your max HP by 10 percent.
  • Arcana Cards:
    • The Messenger – Buffs your chance of dodging hits.
    • The Unseen – Regain two Magick points every second.
    • The Swift Runner – Buffs the speed of your Sprint.
    • Divinity – Raises your chance of getting an Epic Boon.
    • Night – Your Hex charges up gradually as if you used two Magick every second.
  • Keepsake:
    • Metallic Droplet (Hermes) – Buffs the speed of your move, strike, and channel by 20 percent for the next 200 seconds.
    • Silver Wheel (Hecate) – Gradually recover your Magick gauge up to 1,000 points every night.
    • Concave Stone (Echo) – After receiving one Boon, you have a 25 percent chance to get an extra blessing once per night.
  • Daedalus Upgrades:
    • Furious Whirlwind – Your Omega Attack channels faster, and your movement speed increases by 60 percent when it’s active.
    • Unyielding Slash – Your Attacks gain an extra 10 Power, and you take 20 percent less damage while using them.
  • Boons:
    • Greater Evasion – Increases your chance of dodging hits.
    • Swift Strike – Increases your Attack speed.
    • Swift Flourish – Increases your Special speed.
    • Nitro Boost – Your Sprint is 20 percent faster and grants you a barrier that ignores instances of damage.
    • Witty Retort – Redcue the Magick requirement to power up your Hex.
    • Hard Target – Slows down most foes’ ranged shots.

That’s the end of our guide on the best Hermes build in Hades 2. For more gaming content, you can read our list of other great titles similar to the first Hades games.

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