Hades 2: Best Apollo Build Guide

Like the other Olympus deities, the Sun God has also decided to lend his aid to Melinoe in her quest to kill Chronos. If you are interested in defeating the Titan with his Boons, you can check out this guide to find out the best Apollo build in Hades 2.

What Is the Best Hades 2 Apollo Build?

Apollo’s blessings can increase your attack range and inflict Daze. This status effect causes foes to miss their attacks, giving you a higher chance to dodge.

Hades 2 Apollo Boons

  • Weapon: The Umbral Flames – You can use all of Melinoe’s weapons with Apollo’s Boons. However, I quite like combining The Umbral Flames’s Special Omega attack with Blinding Sprint.
  • Animal Familiar: Frinos – Melinoe’s loyal frog can increase your maximum HP and deal extra damage during each encounter.
  • Arcana Cards:
    • The Sorceress – While you channel your Omega moves, everything moves slower for several seconds.
    • Death – Your Omega Moves have a higher chance of causing critical damage.
    • The Furies – Deal more damage to opponents trapped in your Casts.
    • The Unseen – Regain two Magicks every second.
    • The Swift Runner – Increase the speed of your Sprint.
  • Keepsake:
    • Purest Hope (Apollo) – You are more likely to get Apollo’s Boons, and you can increase the Rarity of your blessing once.
    • Metallic Droplet (Hermes) – Increase the speed of your move, strike, and channel by 20 percent for the next 200 seconds.
    • Knuckle Bones (Odysseus) – The first boss you meet loses five percent of their HP, and you also receive 15 percent less damage from them.
  • Daedalus Upgrades:
    • Clean Helix – Your Omega Special channels are 20 percent faster and consume two less Magick.
    • Origin Helix – Your Omega Special revolves 50 percent faster around the location where it was launched.
  • Boons:
    • Blinding Sprint – Increase the speed of your Sprint, and you can inflict Daze on nearby foes.
    • Light Smite – After you get hurt, your foe also receives damage, and you inflict Daze on all enemies.
    • Critical Miss – Foes receive damage whenever Daze causes them to miss their attacks.
    • Nova Flourish – Your Specials cause more damage in a larger area.
    • Nova Strike – Your Attacks cause more damage in a larger area.
    • Extra Dose – Your Attack has a chance to hit twice.

That’s the end of our guide on the best Apollo build in Hades 2. For more related gaming content, you can read our post on how to get Shadow.

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