Halo 5 is unlikely to head to PC according to Phil Spencer

If you wish to play Halo 5: Guardians don’t hold your breath for a PC release anytime soon as this game is likely staying exclusive to the Xbox One. Xbox head Phil Spencer has outright said that it is unlikely that Halo 5 will ever head to PC, however there is a possibility for future First Person Shooter installments in the franchise to arrive on the platform.

Speaking at the Build 2016 conference Spencer has said:

“In terms of Halo FPS on PC, I think there’s a ton of opportunity for us right now, but I don’t want to get into a world where we’re looking back, like at Halo 5. It doesn’t mean there’s nothing there that could ever end up on PC, but I’d much rather look forward with what our plans are.”

Spencer has also said that when it comes to both platforms they need to create games designed for both platforms rather then attempting to move a game that was already created specifically for the Xbox One. Spencer shared this information:

“I don’t want to make it some kind of artificial mandate, because then I think we end up with ‘Frankengames’, games that really weren’t meant for a certain platform. And because some suit said, ‘Hey, everything’s gotta run on both platforms’, you end up with something people don’t want.”

Those looking to play a new Halo game on the PC may just need to wait until Halo Wars 2 arrives on both PC and Xbox One for something Halo on the platform.

Source: PC Gamer

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