Here is a List of the Top Ranked Video Games in 2022

The gaming industry is highly dynamic and responsive to external pressure. For example, the global COVID-19 pandemic started to ease late last year, so gaming companies like Sony started lining up new game releases.

Thanks to record spending in the gaming industry since 2020, there have been great releases of games so far in 2022. Players are once more actively seeking destiny 2 power leveling boost service and related others to improve their ratings. Here are some of the video games released in 2022 that critics and gamers rate highly.

Top Ranked Video Games in 2022

This list of the video games with the highest ranking contains games with excellent reviews on leading websites. In addition, the games on this list seem exceptionally popular among players, reviewers, and critics in the industry.

Some of the games in the list are additions to long-running series, while others are stand-alone entrants.

Cult of the Lamb

You can read a detailed review of Cult of the Lamb here. However, suffice to mention that Cult of the Lamb is one of the highly rated games in 2022.

This single-player video game has received excellent reviews since Devolver Digital Games released it to the public in early August. Lovers of Indie games and fighting game genres find the storylines in the game quite exhilarating.

This game lets players utilize various tools and other resources to build a cult of followers and destroy all the challengers. The massive level of control that the game accords players are another reason for its high rating.

Eden Ring

Eden Ring is an insanely popular video game across the world. This game sold more than ten million copies within a couple of weeks after its release. All the major reviewers, including IGN, TechRadar, and GameSpot, give Eden Ring a 100% mark.

Furthermore, there seems to be a consensus among the audience and gamers that Eden Ring is an excellent game because the developers incorporated the needs of all common playing styles in the game’s features.

Eden Ring is available on the following platforms: Xbox One, PS4, PS5, and Windows PC.

Nobody Saves the World

Since DrinkBox Studios published the Nobody Saves the World game in January 2022, it has enjoyed the profitability of owning a top-ranked video game.

Nobody Saves the World does not have the mysterious world undertones you find in other equally popular games like Cult of the Lamb and Warhammer. Nevertheless, this game has remained a favorite among many players who enjoy the experience of playing it.

But one thing about this game worth noting is how a player can morph into multiple other forms during play, just like in Mobile Legends. For example, you can change the persona of Nobody, the game’s protagonist, into any of the more than fifteen other forms. Every form is uniquely gifted.

One can use the unique talents of the characters to improve game performance without seeking boosting services.

Evil Dead: The Game

If you are a fan of Evil Dead, the movie, you will understand why Evil Dead: The Game is a highly rated multiplayer combat video game. The game’s developers successfully distilled the movie’s most unique and exciting aspects into the game.

This is a multiplayer game that involves five individuals taking control of specific heroes who appear in the film. The heroes are armed with Necronomicon. The fifth player in the game controls the Army of the Dead. The thrill of surviving such a harrowing experience and serious dangers form the game’s signature.

Sniper Elite 5

Sniper Elite 5 is an amazing addition to the long journey from Sniper Elite 1 a couple of years ago to this current form. This may be the game for you if you get enthralled with highly immersive shooting games based on World War 2 battles.

Sniper 5 is highly ranked because it has new stealth weapons and other items. Besides, the new maps in the game are complex and need a great deal of attention. The gory features of the shootings in the game will also be exciting.

Warhammer 40,000: Chaos Gate-Daemon Hunters

Many players and critics agree that Warhammer 40,000: Chaos Gate-Daemon Hunters is a highly rated combat video game because of its complexity. One must move across various planets battling massive and perilous outbreaks of plagues.

Moreover, this game is extremely malleable. Every small decision that you make can have an enormous impact on your progress. Therefore, one must carefully balance attention between attempting to annihilate enemies and managing the allies.

Warhammer 40,000: Chaos Gate-Daemon Hunters is available only on the Windows PC platform.

Destiny 2: The Witch Queen

Although Destiny 2: The Witch Queen is a simple addition to a long-running series, this video game is highly detailed and well-developed. As a result, this game has been growing in popularity since it was published in February 2022.

One of the hallmarks of Destiny 2: The Witch Queen is the range of weapons players can use in warfare. You can access completely new and highly potent powers while playing the game.

This new addition is necessary because of the players’ range of enemies during the game. Players must battle and win against Savathun, the Witch Sister. And the game gets more exciting because a player can switch to a higher level with more demanding challenges than the first one.


All the games on this list rank highly because of assorted reasons. Besides, most games are available on common platforms like PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X, and even Windows PC. It will be exciting to monitor how they will continue ranking as other new games enter the market. However, most of these games that have already achieved global prominence will likely continue receiving favorable reviews, at least in the short term.

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1 year ago

My personal favorites so far this year are Edge of Eternity & Soul Hackers 2. Looking forward to the end of the month release onto consoles of Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous!