Hogwarts Legacy: How To Get Shrivelfig Fruit

In the magical world of Hogwarts Legacy, players encounter a wide array of fantastic beasts and intriguing ingredients throughout their journey. One such ingredient is the elusive Shrivelfig Fruit, which is used for creating the Thunderbrew Potion. However, finding and harvesting the Shrivelfig Fruit can be a challenge for even the most skilled wizard or witch.

In this guide, we will explore the various strategies and techniques for obtaining Shrivelfig Fruit in Hogwarts Legacy. From searching the Hogwarts grounds to growing your own in the greenhouse, we will take you on an exhilarating journey to master the art of obtaining this precious ingredient in Hogwarts Legacy.

How To Get Shrivelfig Fruit In Hogwarts Legacy

Shrivelfig Fruit Hogwarts

There are two intriguing methods for acquiring the Shrivelfig Fruit in Hogwarts Legacy:


The first method to get your hands on the Shrivelfig Fruit is to buy it directly. There’s a vendor by the name of Timothy Teasdale, owner of The Magic Neep in Hogsmeade, who sells this rare item. For 150 Galleons, you can walk away with this prized ingredient without any hassle.


Another way to obtain the Shrivelfig Fruit is by growing it yourself. While this method may initially seem more expensive, it guarantees a consistent supply of the sought-after ingredient. To begin your horticultural journey, visit The Magic Neep to secure the necessary seeds at a cost of 450 Galleons. After obtaining these vital seeds, make your way to the Room of Requirement to kick-start the growth process.

However, cultivating this exceptional fruit necessitates a medium-sized pot for optimal growth. To obtain such a pot, you’ll need to purchase it from Tomes and Scrolls in Hogsmeade. It will set you back another 750 Galleons, but will provide you with a medium-sized pot for your precious seeds. 

Now comes the rewarding part. Plant the seeds carefully and patiently wait for approximately 15 minutes, soon witnessing the fruits of your labor in their full glory!

That concludes our guide on how to get Shrivelfig Fruit in Hogwarts Legacy. We hope you find this guide helpful. If so, please share it with others. And if you have any questions, let us know in the comment section below!

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