Honkai Star Rail: How To Build Luocha

Luocha is a mysterious trader who appears on Xianzhou Luofu carrying a massive coffin. He has a strong connection to the Path of Abundance, which allows him to heal numerous people. If you get him from his limited-time banner, you can check out our handy guide to find the best Luocha build in Honkai Star Rail.

HSR Best Luocha Build

Luocha is a 5-star healer with exceptional auto-heal abilities. While most healers demand a Skill Point to restore HP, Luocha can perform emergency healing to units when their HP is reduced below 50 percent. He can also cleanse various debuffs on your team, making him extra useful when fighting enemies like Phantylia the Undying.

  • Light Cone: Echoes of the Coffin
    • Alternatives: Night of Fright, Perfect Timing, Time Waits for No One, Quid Pro Quo, Multiplication
  • Relics: Messenger Traversing Hackerspace x2 & Passerby of Wandering Cloud x2
    • Body: Outgoing Healing
    • Feet: SPD
  • Planar Ornaments: Fleet of the Ageless
    • Sphere: ATK%
    • Rope: Energy Regen Rate or ATK%
  • Trace Priority: Skill > Talent > Ultimate > Basic Attack
  • Eidolons: E2

Honkai Star Rail Luocha Gameplay

Echoes of the Coffin is Luocha’s signature Light Cone, which is the best gear for him. For F2P players, you can equip Perfect Timing, Quid Pro Quo, or Multiplication. Night of Fright is another great 5-star Light Cone, but you can only get it from a limited-time banner.

For Relics, you should equip two-piece Messenger Traversing Hackerspace and two-piece Passerby of Wandering Cloud. The former can boost Luocha’s speed, while the latter can increase his healing output

You can equip the Fleet of the Ageless set to get more HP and boost Luocha’s ATK. Another viable Planar Ornament is Broken Keel, which increases his Effect RES and buffs the team’s CRIT DMG.

Upgrading Luocha’s Skill should be your priority since that’s his primary source of healing. Afterward, you can level up his talent to increase the healing you get from his Abyss Flower skill. Lastly, you can upgrade his Ultimate to boost his damage output.

If you have extra Stellar Jades, you can try to unlock Luocha’s E2, Bestowal From the Pure. This Eidolon boosts his healing to units with less than 50 percent HP. On the other hand, if the target ally’s HP is more than half, that character will receive a Shield that lasts for two turns

That’s the end of our guide on how to build Luocha. For more HSR content, check out our article on whether you should build Natasha or Lynx.

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