Honkai Star Rail: How To Build March 7th

At the start of Honkai Star Rail, you will encounter March 7th at Herta Space Station. This quirky and outgoing young woman will be part of your first team, with her role being a combination of an AoE DPS and a tank. If you are planning to keep using her, this handy guide will teach you the best build for March 7th.

Honkai Star Rail Best March 7th Build

March 7th is a four-star unit that follows the Path of Preservation and has an Ice element. You can acquire her for free during the Eye of the Storm Trailblaze Mission, and you can get her copies from all available banners.

  • Light Cone: Moment of Victory
  • Relics: Knight of Purity Palace
    • Body: Effect Hit Rate or DEF%
    • Feet: SPD
  • Planar Ornaments: Belobog of the Architects
    • Sphere: DEF%
    • Rope: Energy Regen Rate
  • Trace Priority: Skill > Ultimate > Talent > Basic Attack
  • Eidolons: E6

Honkai Star Rail March 7th Detail

Like Fire Trailblazer, the best Light Cone for March 7th is Moment of Victory. This item can increase her DEF, Effect Hit Rate, and the chance of being attacked by enemies. If she gets attacked, she will get another layer of DEF buff until the end of her turn.

For Relics, you should equip the Knight of Purity Palace set on March 7th. This equipment can raise her DEF by 15 percent and the maximum DMG that her Shield can absorb by 20 percent.

Belobog of the Architects set is the best Planar Ornaments for March 7th. This relic can boost her DEF by 15 percent, and if her Effect Hit Rate reaches 50 percent or higher, she will gain an extra 15 percent DEF buff.

When upgrading March 7th’s Traces, you should prioritize her Skill so you can make her Shield stronger. Afterward, you can level up her Talent and Ultimate to increase her damage output.

The best Eidolon to unlock is March 7th’s E6, Just Like This, Always. With this Eidolon, allies who are protected by her Shield will get four percent of their health plus 106 HP restored at the start of each turn.

That’s the end of our guide on how to build March 7th. GameLuster has more HSR articles you may want to check out before leaving the website, such as the best build for Dan Heng. He is another free character you can obtain at the start of the game, and he will likely become your main DPS until you pull a five-star unit.

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