Persona 5 Tactica: How To Earn GP

GP(Growth Points) are one of the essential resources in Persona 5 Tactica. They are mainly used to unlock and upgrade your characters’ skills via the skill tree. To get all the skills you want, it will take a lot of GP, so you will need to earn plenty. Thankfully, there are some effective ways that can help you rack up plenty of points. This Persona 5 Tactica guide will walk you through it!

How To Earn GP In Persona 5 Tactica

Respec Skill Tree

GP plays a very significant role in unveiling the true powers of your characters. The more skills you unlock in the skill tree, the more robust your alliance becomes, which benefits you during all the challenges of the game’s tactical journey. Below are a few very effective methods that can help you fetch a significant amount of said points:

Complete Missions 

The simplest way to earn a good amount of GP is by progressing through the main story, which includes multiple missions. These missions, when completed, reward you with GP for each of the characters you currently have in your team—although the characters you have not chosen in your alliance for the mission will get some GP as well—and some other lucrative items. Moreover, you can participate in the completed missions again as often as you want to earn even more GP.

Complete Quests

Persona 5

You can also acquire GP by completing the 15 side quests offered in Persona 5 Tactica. These quests test your understanding of the game and how you can tackle specific tasks and challenges. Sadly, the game doesn’t let you repeat these quests once they are completed, but the massive amount of GP rewarded is more than worth it.

Participate In Talks

Persona 5

Another way to earn GP is to participate in talks while doing missions. These talks take place in the hideout, and help uncover the hidden stories of your characters. So, you should definitely watch these talks whenever they occur. For each one, you will get amounts of GP based on which chapter you are currently in.

And that’s how you can earn GP in Persona 5 Tactica. If you find this guide helpful, share it with your friends. Also, let us know in the comments if you need any specific guide regarding this game, and GameLuster will be happy to provide!

Persona 5 Tactica is currently available on PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo, and PC platforms.


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