How to Game for Relaxation

Knee deep in school or work and you’ve forgotten about video games? Video games add to the challenges you face everyday? Feeling stressed to complete a goal in a game? Can’t relax with video games?

Here’s my advice to curb video-game-inspired stress.

1. Play a game you’ve beaten before. You know it’s possible, and you still have fun.
2. Play a game that is worth the stress – one that you’re good at and don’t get destroyed at.
3. Play a light game. A mobile app could do the job (just not Clash Royale).
4. Play a game that you do not have to play on a hard setting. There’s no point in Ranked or Master Quest if it’s going to stress you more.
5. Play a game that is second nature to you. For me this would be a quick match of League of Legends. If applicable, play on Normal or bonus game mode because if you lose it won’t be a big deal.
6. Use video games to take you out of the real world when you’re strained. Play an open world game such as Skyrim, Zelda, or Runescape.
7. Play with a friend. This should ease tension as well as allow you to roast teammates on the opposing team.
8. Do NOT play an educational game. Only do so if this actually relaxes you. The point is to get away from school.
9. Once you realize you’re strained, immediately play games to distract your mind. If you prolong your stress, you may get to the point where you don’t want to do anything except procrastinate and curl up in a ball.

School sucks, at least for me, and video games can sometimes be my medicine. A warm cup of tea, a “light” match of League of Legends, and nothing but motivation to win, and I shall conquer all stress.

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