How to Write an Essay and Play Games at the Same Time [Sponsored Post]

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The studying process is like a game, especially for those who know how to play. Many students who like computer games are mistakenly perceived as irresponsible and insufficient in education. However, they can have great results while playing games and coping with assignments simultaneously. It helps them to reduce stress and not take education too seriously.

While others suffer from college life, students who play computer games know of ways to cope. A gamer will easily order a college essay for sale at one of the online educational services where ordinary students will try to handle tasks independently. Sometimes it is great to combine studying and playing because it helps refresh your attention and increases productivity. In our article, we present eight recommendations on writing an essay and playing games without sacrificing the quality of the text.


  1. Manage your time.

Indeed, you can’t play on one monitor and write your essay on the other. Still, you can plan your studying hours efficiently to set a limited amount of time both for learning and playing. There are various games to consider when you want to take a break from your essay writing. For instance, if you decide to play chess online, it usually lasts 10-15 minutes, and if you play a full day in GTA 5, it takes 48 minutes in real-time.


  1. Split the writing process into parts.

Essay writing has several stages of completion. First of all, you should start brainstorming and then proceed with researching, writing, and editing. Note down everything you should achieve with each stage of the essay writing process to know when you can play your favorite computer game. Let your brain get relaxed after a long research session so you can subconsciously process the vast amount of information. Your brain is a smart machine that runs processes in the background. Therefore, playing games after each step of essay preparation will help you to find new solutions for your project.


  1. Set a gaming session as a treat.

After you have gained some results in essay writing and have a basic idea of what to include in it, you can think about the game as brief fun. Promise yourself to play after you finish the introduction for your essay. Then move to the body paragraphs and conclusion with a little update after the game. Every time we play, the brain works more actively from occupation shifting. Therefore, it is essential to set a goal for playing a game after some parts of the work are ready.


  1. Follow your plan.

Consider how to improve your essay and write strict instructions about it. When every point is clear for you, you can easily concentrate on it while playing. For instance, when you know the topic sentence for the next body paragraph but still don’t know how to state it, you can always start playing entertaining or intellectual games to move your focus to another subject. When you have a guideline on your working process, you can track your progress in-game and while writing.


  1. Train your concentration.

When gaming and writing an essay are regular activities for you, you should learn how to work with your ability to focus. Set several gaming sessions between essay writing stages and notice whether you can think about games while playing and about essays while writing. Concentration is important for an effective studying process. If you have deep focusing skills, your writing process is more productive. The same concerns a game: while playing, you don’t need to think about a thesis statement, the essay’s idea, or the formatting style.


  1. Choose games that enrich your knowledge.

When writing an essay on math, it is better to find a game that is connected to your topic. This helps to develop your skills in a specific subject and see your essay from a different perspective. For instance, the game named EVE Online teaches management skills, so you can play it and apply new knowledge in the real world.  By choosing CyberCIEGE, you can better understand computer concepts concerning operating systems, balancing budgets, network security, and more. Immune Attack teaches medical concepts in a fun way that will awaken a student’s interest in science.


  1. Find more friends.

Gaming is a great opportunity to create a network. You can ask your classmates to play with you and find their interests and hobbies. Choose the game you both like, and then move to the essay writing process. If you see that this person could be helpful for you, why not use the power of a common attitude?


  1. Create a competition.

If you have a tight-knit student community, you can use your gaming hobby as a method to relax together after complex class assignments. Set a goal and play your favorite game, such as Mortal Kombat or Scary Teacher, to see who wins. Actually, you can also organize tournaments to solve any assignment question. For instance, if you have a controversial topic and don’t know who will process it, play the game and give the most complex subject to the one who loses.


Final words

At first, playing games and writing your assignment might seem like incompatible missions. Still, you can always connect two different activities and see how they can be mutually reinforcing. Indeed, you should always control your engagement while playing your favorite game or writing an essay – it is easy to distract yourself from the main goal of better educational achievements.

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