Hyrule Warriors Boss Pack comes to North America on March 12

By the end of the month Japanese gamers are going to get their hands on a brand new batch of downloadable content for Hyrule Warriors, and might I add one this sounds really cool. It has now been revealed that this next batch of downloadable content will be coming to North America early next month on March 12th. This is according to the games official website which dated the boss pack for North America.

Here is an overview of what exactly this content will provide:

Boss Challenge – Challenge yourself in relentless battles against giant bosses to unlock new costumes for Link, Zelda, and Lana.

Ganon’s Fury – Play as Ganon, rain chaos and destruction upon the battlefield, and unlock new costumes for Ganondorf and Cia.

Pricing for the Boss Pack is set at $2.99. It should be free to those who purchased the season pass.

I can’t wait to run rapid on the fields of Hyrule as Ganon, it sounds like it will be great fun.


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