Image & Form announce Steamworld Heist is coming to all current platforms

The next game in the Steamworld franchise is incoming and although we had heard rumors about some of the platforms the game would be coming to, Image & Form has finally confirmed the platforms their upcoming game Steamworld Heist will coming to and might I say I think many of you will be happy.

In the past we heard rumours about the developers considering the Wii U, 3DS and also now current generation consoles the Playstation 4 and Xbox One,given that the gfirst game Stamworld Dig did well on most platforms. Though it has now been confirmed that the game Steamworld Heist is on its way to what it defined as all current platforms. This will include mobile devices such as Android and Iphone as well as Ipad and also the Playstation Vita.

As it stands the release order for these games has not been determined. Image & Form is planning what the call a “staggered release strategy” which means they will be bring Heist to one or platforms on day one, then continue to release it for the next platform and so on.

On another note Steamworld Heist will be localized in a variety of languages.




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