Indie Power Hour: Arcade Spirits – Find Love, Run An Arcade In This Visual Novel

Indie Power Hour is a show which focuses on new and upcoming indie games. In each episode, GameLuster writer Chloe Spencer will discuss the basic facts and elements of the game, as well as demonstrate one hour of gameplay. The goal is not to play a game to completion, but rather highlight interesting projects viewers might not have known much about.

Back in the 1980s, the video game industry experienced a massive crash. The visual novel Arcade Spirits imagines a modern day where this event never happened. In this world, arcades still thrive, and esports became a part of the mainstream conversation a long time ago.

You play as a young person looking for their dream job, and after downloading a life coach app, you decide to try your hand at running an arcade. This LGBT-friendly visual novel features seven dateable characters, each with their own unique personalities.

You can grab Arcade Spirits on Steam now.

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