Infamous Second Son sells over one million copies

Hey look he is high in the sky that has two meanings, one he is having fun and two the wonderful world of sales showing that Infamous Second Son is doing really well.

The latest game by Sucker Punch Infamous: Second Son has not been on the market very long but it has already made an incredible feat, Second Son has sold over one million copies in the first nine days of being released, that is a one out of six Playstation 4 owners now own this game. This is great, the game may have received mixed reviews and opinions but this has officially become the fastest selling game in the Infamous franchise to date. This information was passed along by Sony computer entertainment Australia and it is no wonder given the amount of Playstation 4’s out there and how much fun the series has been. This figure is from all across the world and not just Australia.

I expect sales for this game to continue to rise as more Playstation 4 consoles are bought and more people decide to check out this game. One day I think almost every Playstation 4 owner will have a copy of this game and it might even rival heavy sellers such as the Last of Us. My other thought is people may just want this game because of excellent particle effects who knows either way this game will still most likely see sales continue to rise.

Source: Sony pr

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