Kate’s Mom & Dad Predict the Lusties Winners

If you haven’t checked out the nominees for the 2022 Lusties – GameLuster’s annual sitewide Game Awards, featuring tons of fun and unique categories – you can do so here. While the GameLuster staff narrowed down our nominations and is currently hard at work carefully selecting our winners, I (GameLuster’s very own Kate) have brought in two experts to predict who will win each category…

…and by “experts”, I mean “my parents,” who are proud non-gamers and haven’t played a video game since Pac-Man on arcade machines in the 80s (but are super supportive of their child’s rather “out there” career choice). They made their picks based entirely on each game’s title and cover, with no additional information (except for anything they might have picked up when talking to me throughout the year). Their choices – with reasoning included – are listed below:

Thank you so much to my Mom & Dad for agreeing to this! You guys are the best and I love you both lots!

Best Narrative

Mom’s Pick: Digimon Survive

Mom’s Reasoning: I liked that there was both a human and an animal on the cover

Dad’s Pick: Digimon Survive

Dad’s Reasoning: I like the dinosaur on the cover

Best New IP

Mom’s Pick: Triangle Strategy

Mom’s Reasoning: The guy on the cover was cute

Dad’s Pick: Ghost Wire

Dad’s Reasoning: None

Biggest Disappointment

Mom’s Pick: Chocobo GP

Mom’s Reasoning: Looks too silly for me

Dad’s Pick: Chocobo GP

Dad’s Reasoning: It had the worst-looking cover

Tear Jerker

Mom’s Pick: Endling

Mom’s Reasoning: Extinction…need I say more!!!

Dad’s Pick: Citizen Sleeper

Dad’s Reasoning: I liked the name


Best Trailer for an Upcoming Space Survival Horror Game

Mom’s Pick: Pragmata

Mom’s Reasoning: That girl looks SCARY!

Dad’s Pick: ILL

Dad’s Reasoning: None

Best Villain

Mom’s Pick: Tearer

Mom’s Reasoning: The masked dude looks evil enough

Dad’s Pick: Volo

Dad’s Reasoning: None

Jolly Vibes

Mom’s Pick: Kirby and the Forgotten Land

Mom’s Reasoning: None

Dad’s Pick: Powerwash Simulator

Dad’s Reasoning: I like power washing!

Excellence in Diversity

Mom’s Pick: I Was a Teenage Exocolonist

Mom’s Reasoning: I had a hard time picking a fave here, but I went with this one

Dad’s Pick: Citizen Sleeper

Dad’s Reasoning: I liked the name

Best Soundtrack

Mom’s Pick: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder’s Revenge

Mom’s Reasoning: I figure the music would be upbeat and appeal to kids

Dad’s Pick: Elden Ring

Dad’s Reasoning: None

Best with Buddies

Mom’s Pick: The Quarry

Mom’s Reasoning: The cover makes it look like it would be a good group game

Dad’s Pick: The Quarry

Dad’s Reasoning: Same as Mom’s

Best Boss Fight

Mom’s Pick: Radahn

Mom’s Reasoning: Based on the art, it looks like a fight’s brewing!

Dad’s Pick: Volo

Dad’s Reasoning: None

Character Who Should Become CEO of Twitter

Mom’s Pick: Cat from Stray

Mom’s Reasoning: Everyone knows that cats have their act together!

Dad’s Pick: Rock Caterpillar from Elden Ring

Dad’s Reasoning: None


Excellence in Design

Mom’s Pick: Elden Ring

Mom’s Reasoning: Cover looks solid

Dad’s Pick: Horizon Forbidden West

Dad’s Reasoning: Best cover

Best Living Game

Mom’s Pick: Valheim

Mom’s Reasoning: None

Dad’s Pick: Valheim

Dad’s Reasoning: None

Most Anticipated

Mom’s Pick: Spider-Man 2

Mom’s Reasoning: I LOVE Spiderman!!!

Dad’s Pick: Spider-Man 2

Dad’s Reasoning: I like Spider-Man

Indie Game of the Year

Mom’s Pick: Powerwash Simulator

Mom’s Reasoning: I would like a game about cleaning

Dad’s Pick: Powerwash Simulator

Dad’s Reasoning: I like power washing!

Game of the Year

Mom’s Pick: Either AI The Somnium Files: Nirvana Initiative or Elden Ring

Mom’s Reasoning: I chose both as they showed up in many categories. Although if I had to pick just one it would probably be Elden Ring

Dad’s Pick: Elden Ring

Dad’s Reasoning: Recognized the name

What do you think about Kate’s parents’ picks for the Lusties winners? Do you think they’re right on the money, or were they off the mark in a few categories? Will Powerwash Simulator finally be the game that gets them to play a video game? Comment below and let us know your thoughts!

You can also let us know which games you’d pick in each category either here or on our Twitter account, where we are Tweeting out the nominations each day. And don’t forget to check back on December 14th for the official announcement of the Lusties 2022 winners – and to see how accurate Kate’s parents’ predictions were!

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