Killzone: Shadow Fall Multiplayer is FREE for a full week

Sony’s first party studio Guerilla Games, are marking the release of their first free multiplayer DLC for Killzone Shadow Fall by making all of the multiplayer free for one week, better yet you can play for free regardless if you have Playstation Plus or not.

The Hangar DLC map Killzone

Killzone Shadow Fall’s multiplayer will be free for a week starting Monday, March 3 at 5pm PST (March 4 at 1am GMT). However there is one rather unusual problem, the fact the the client will not be in available in the US and South American will not be available till march 4th. However PSN users in Europe can begin pre install the client immediately so they can play it straight away. People who only download the free client only have access to the multiplayer to gain access to the singleplayer you have to own or purchase a copy of the full game.

The Free weekend will end on the 11th of march.

So will you be downloading Killzone: Shadow Fall multiplayer? How do you feel about the unusual US and SA situation?

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