Kirby and the Rainbow Curse American Box Art revealed

There are a good selection of new games coming to the Wii U next year and among these is a brand new Kirby game, yes that is right a new game for the pink blob. At this point in time is hard to say whether the game will be any good but with time hopefully we will learn more about the game soon. The interesting thing now is that the North American box art has been revealed for the upcoming Kirby game, Kirby and the Rainbow Curse, and from a quick glance we can already make out a notable change in the games cover. In the past entries in the Kirby franchise the American box art always features an angry looking Kirby, this time he is smiling and happy, also he nice and colorful and looks to well represent the basic art style of the game. Overall a nice box art and I look forward to the game itself.

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