Kirby and the Rainbow Curse are going to be budget titles, potentially $40 in America

It looks like another upcoming Wii U title is going down the budget road, recently Nintendo released Captain Toad’s Treasure Tracker a game that could be deemed as a budget title mostly because of its cheaper price then other major Wii U titles like Hyrule Warriors, which in America Captain Toad is priced at around $40. Japan sort of teased us with the idea weeks ago that Kirby and the Rainbow Curse will be seeing a similar release of being cheaper in in other countries when the game drew closer to launch there but as it is also turning out America and Canada are basically proving this to be true.

New listings on EB Games and Amazon Canada seem to reveal Kirby’s updated price in North America. On both retailer sites, the game is listed for $44.99 CDN. That would translate to $39.99 in America (based on Captain Toad’s pricing). Either way this should hopefully be good and if it smaller this will an excellent price to get the game into consumers hands.

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