Kirby: Star Allies Arriving in March

Through Nintendo’s latest Direct they made several big announcements, among these was the release date for a game that we have known about for a while now, Kirby: Star Allies. Nintendo will be bringing the pink blob to Switch on March 16, and with it will bring new abilities for players to use.

Among these new abilities is the “artist” which will allow Kirby to paint things that he can use in combat. The new trailer demonstrates Kirby painting a classic King Dedede, who sprung force and bowled down enemies. The paintbrush itself will be usable as a weapon.

Another new ability is the “spider” that will allow Kirby to ensnare foes in sticky webs making them easier to dispatch, or simply ignore.

New friend abilities will also play a bigger role with many new ones shown off. One allowed Kirby and his allies to surf through the sky, while another had Kirby throwing one of his allies across the stage. When Kirby: Star Allies launches there appears to be many ways to approach levels that could benefit replayability.

More details on bosses have also been shown off revealing that Meta Knight will be a boss, as well as some mysterious enemy from outer space who could be the cause of the strange happenings in the game.

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