Zelda: Tears of The Kingdom: Best Fusion Items

One of the many new mechanics added to The Legend of Zelda: Tears of The Kingdom is the Fuse ability. This allows players to combine resources they’ve collected with their weapons, shields, and even their arrows. The interesting thing about this mechanic is there are almost no limits to what can be combined – but this may turn out to be overwhelming for some players.

With the breadth of components available, there’s going to come choice paralysis. Ultimately, what’s good and what’s bad for fusing all comes down to experimentation. This guide will suggest a few components that are worth using Fuse on during your playthrough of Tears of The Kingdom.

Monster Eyeballs

Imagine you’re playing Call of Duty with an aimbot enabled. This is essentially what Eyeballs are in Tears of the Kingdom! Fusing an Arrow with a Keese, Aerocuda, or Octorok Eyeball and firing it up into the sky will allow it to hone in on the closest enemy. Additionally, Keese and other flying creatures have different elemental attributes depending on where you find them. So if you get an Electric, Ice, or Fire Keese Eyeball and Fuse it to an arrow, you’ll have a free elemental homing arrow to fight any creatures you may encounter!

Monster Wings

With Keese come Wings. Keese are abundant across Hyrule and thankfully their drops are ones that end up being very useful as Link’s adventure goes on. When a Wing is fused with an arrow it lets the arrow fly farther, taking on the likeness of a sniper rifle instead of a measly wooden projectile! (Other enemies who drop Wings include Aerocuda and the terrifying Gleeok mini-bosses.)


All across the beautiful land of Hyrule are chunks of huge, glittering rocks that you need to bust open. They’re like pinatas that are full of, you guessed it, gorgeous gems (and sometimes salt)! These gems can be used to sell for large amounts of Rupees or alternatively used to attach an elemental ability to an arrow, sword, spear, or other weapon.

Sapphires, Topaz, Opals, Diamonds, and Rubies are the gems you’ll find on your adventures. Sapphires represent the element of ice. Topazes represent the element of lightning. Opals represent the element of water. Rubies represent the element of fire. Diamonds will add extra durability to a weapon. Take any one of these gems and you’ll have a magic weapon or an explosively exciting arrow!

Chuchu Jelly

Some of the first enemies you encounter in the game will be Chuchus. Any Zelda fan is already aware that these guys are big, round, and very jiggly. They come in many forms, usually representative of the elemental areas they inhabit, and you can find them pretty easily by just walking the dirt paths all around Hyrule.

Each Chu color also correlates with an element. When you get a Yellow Chu Jelly, it will add the electric element to your arrow or sword. A Red Chu Jelly will lend its fire element to your arrows or other weapons, and the White Chu Jelly will freeze enemies in their tracks. Plus, you can expose plain Chu Jelly to an element to change its color and effect!

Muddle Bud

A very underrated item, you probably haven’t heard about it because it’s so underground…literally! These Buds can be found in the deep dark and gloomy Depths underneath Hyrule. All joking aside, the Muddle Bud is a very strong item to fuse to arrows or swords, especially when you are having to fight large groups of enemies. What the Muddle Bud does is make enemies go crazy and attack each other! Strategically picking which big bad you want to be your new friend is an endless amount of fun.

Bomb Flowers

And finally the tried and true Bombs. These have been a staple in The Legend of Zelda series ever since the very beginning. In Tears of The Kingdom the Bombs – in the form of Bomb Flowers – now take on a more flexible role. They can be attached to your arrows and used to clear away pesky rocks and enemies. To find these special flowers you’ll need to spelunk after them in one of the many caves around Hyrule!

What are your favorite items to Fuse to weapons in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom? Comment below and let us know!

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