Zelda: Tears of The Kingdom: Top 10 Best Armor Sets

In the vast and enchanting world of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, players are presented with a plethora of armor sets to choose from, each with its unique attributes and abilities. In this guide, we delve into the realm of Hyrule to explore the best armors that every aspiring Hero of Time should seek. Brace yourselves as we embark on a thrilling journey through the ten finest armors this game has to offer!

Mystic Armor Set

This armor exudes an aura of mysterious energy. It gives Link the ability to lose Rupees instead of Hearts when he is damaged. There’s not a special set bonus that Link gets from having every piece equipped, but it will offer him a fun alternative, especially if you’ve been using the most recent item duplication glitches to earn tons of Rupees. The armor can be purchased from Koltin’s Shop for 12 Bubbul Gems total. The headpiece costs 5 gems, the robe costs 3 gems and the trousers cost 4 gems. 

Rubber Armor Set

For those seeking protection against electrical threats, the Rubber Set is a must-have. The armor is made up of materials infused with lightning-resistant properties, enabling Link to navigate electrified environments unharmed. With the Rubber Set, you’ll be able to traverse dangerous lightning storms and unleash electric attacks without the fear of being killed. The Rubber Armor is part of Misko the Bandit’s Treasure, found scattered in caves throughout Hyrule.

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Zora Armor Set

Dive into the depths of the kingdom’s aquatic wonders with the Zora Set. You will naturally get one piece of this armor set from doing the main quest in the Lanayru province, “Sidon of the Zora.”. With one piece of armor Link can reduce the amount of stamina he uses when swimming in water. He also unlocks the ability to swim UP waterfalls like in Twilight Princess. If you find the whole armor set the amount of stamina needed to swim will be reduced dramatically. The other two sets are earned from side quests unlocked after completing “Sidon of the Zora.”


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Climbing Armor Set

Scale towering cliffs and conquer unreachable heights with the Climbing Set. This lightweight and agile armor provide exceptional grip and mobility. It allows Link to climb faster by reducing the stamina consumed during climbing. Like the Rubber Armor, the Climbing Armor is part of Misko’s Treasure and is found inside caves.

Barbarian Armor Set

Unleash your inner warrior with the formidable Barbarian Set. Having all pieces of this armor set will increase Link’s attack damage and decrease the stamina needed for charged attacks, although it is lower in defense than other armors in the game. Don the Barbarian Set and unleash your fury upon enemies, leaving a trail of destruction in your wake! Once again, this armor is part of Misko’s Treasure.

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Phantom Armor Set

Another part of Misko’s Treasure, Phantom Set is for a lack of a better word, amazing. If you are a Darknut fan like myself I highly recommend taking the time to find this armor. There isn’t a set bonus, but Link still does get a powerful attack bonus on top of looking way too cool.

Froggy Armor Set

If you’re using the climbing set and all of the sudden there’s a thunderstorm, then you need to change into the Froggy armor. This armor raises Link’s slip resistance so he can climb wet surfaces better. If you get all three pieces the armor set will make it so you won’t slip AT ALL in the rain. The Froggy Armor pieces are rewarded for completing quests for the Lucky Clover Gazette newspaper.

totk glide set

Glide Armor Set

Take to the skies and experience the thrill of flight with the Glide Set. The Glide Set is one of the craziest sets in the game. Having one piece of this armor will give Link better control when he’s diving down to Hyrule. But, if you have all three, the amount of control Link has is unparalleled. Once you upgrade this set of armor via the Great Fairies, it will unlock a second bonus which negates all fall damage. So, get this one ASAP and check out our guide to find out how!

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Miner Armor Set

The Miner Set is another game-changing armor set that can be found in Tears of The Kingdom. This armor basically turns Link into a human light bulb. You may think that’s lame, but you’ll need this light to adventure in the spooky Depths underneath Hyrule. Seek all of these pieces of armor out and Link will even leave a trail of light behind him! You can find Old Maps on the Sky Islands that will lead to treasure chests in the Depths containing this armor.

Zonaite Armor Set

Last but not least, there’s the Zonaite Set. This armor is all about making the crazy contraptions you’ve come up with with work even better. It will improve the energy efficiency when using Zonai devices. If you have all of the armor pieces equipped, your Zonaite Energy will recharge twice as fast. The Zonaite Armor is found in chests on various Sky Islands.

What do you think of our list? What’s your favorite armor set in Tears of the Kingdom? Let us know below!

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