LEGO and Nintendo Team Up to Make All New Super Mario LEGO Set

Nintendo and The LEGO Group just announced a new LEGO set that will officially bring Mario into a brick format. Nintendo had teased about this project earlier in the week with a cryptic tweet:

While it may not a video game, it certainly has that Nintendo magic that helps set this particular LEGO set apart from others. LEGO Mario will come equipped with Bluetooth, a built-in screen in his eyes, mouth, and chest, as well as a speaker. This, in turn, will allow the LEGO set to be a more interactive experience that allows the player to traverse the set with a Mario providing feedback.

Nintendo and LEGO have been working on this for over four years now. The trailer shows the many things one can do with Mario such as hitting blocks, interacting with pipes, and even stomping on Bowser Jr. to your heart’s content. Other fan favorites such as Yoshi and Shy Guy make an appearance in the trailer, as well as a few Koopas and Gombas.

Unfortunately, neither company has released more information regarding the pricing or a release date. There is also no mention of how many sets will be released, but will release sometime later this year.

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