Limited-Edition Diablo III Switch Bundle Announced

Nintendo has been making a habit of announcing limited-edition Switch bundles of late. First with Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, then with Pokémon Let’s Go, but if these were a little too family friendly for you, then the latest bundle might be more for you. Nintendo has revealed an awesome looking Diablo III: Eternal Collection limited-edition bundle, which will arrive in the very near future.

The new bundle will come with a console and dock, both featuring Diablo III artwork, a download code for the Diablo III: Eternal Collection, and, for extra Diablo goodness, a themed carrying case.

The Diablo artwork makes this one of the coolest-looking systems to date.

On the chance some are unaware, the Diablo III: Eternal Collection pools together all content from Diablo III itself and its expansion. The Switch version will feature exclusive content with items relating to The Legend of Zelda series featured in the game, including a Ganondorf armor transmogrification, a companion Cucco pet, and a Golden Triforce portrait frame.

This bundle will be released in both Europe and North America on Nov. 2. For American consumers this will a GameStop exclusive, with the gaming retailer selling the system for $359.99. At the present time no word has been made on whether there will be retailer exclusivity in Europe.

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