Lords of the Fallen Complete Edition has been announced, arriving October 27th

It is often better to hold off on games well past their release, in the modern era we commonly have to deal with games that aren’t completed or ones that have a wide range of extra content coming up. These games are common as developers will tend to eventually release the full product in one bundle with the complete edition and this is exactly what is being done now with last years Lords of the Fallen. Lords of the Fallen surprised fans when it came out and has continued to keep fans happy over the past year with a solid extension of extra content, and now the complete edition has been announced. Lords of the Fallen Complete Edition is set to arrive on October 27th and will actually arrive with a rather affordable price tag of $29.99 in America. If you have yet to pick up Lords of the Fallen then I suggest holding out for this complete edition and having the full experience.

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