Lords of The Fallen Publisher Confirms Plans For More Installments As Game Gets Final Update

The Lords of the Fallen franchise has definitely come a long way since its less than stellar first release in 2014. The reboot of the same name has certainly fared better than the original, with Lords of the Fallen receiving its final update across PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S. One question remains – what’s the next step for the franchise? Well luckily CI Games, the publisher for Lords of The Fallen, has given us some insight as to what we can expect for the Souls-like series.

In a recent interview with IGN, the CEO of CI Games, Marke Tyminski, shared some interesting details about the future of Lords of the Fallen and how well the game fared. In the recent interview, Marke revealed that “from its release to December 31 last year, Lords of the Fallen‘s sales totaled approximately 1.3 million units,” he later added “this is a solid result, which allows us to plan further development of the brand. Now, our aim is to ensure its next installments attract even more players, partly through refined and improved game design, and partly thanks to the increasing popularity of this IP.” Despite the game doing fairly well, CI Games still had to let go of over 10% of their staff in January, as a way “to preserve business strength and stability”.

Lords of the Fallen future 1

As for what was added in the final 1.5 update for Lords of The Fallen, players can expect a bit of a genre shift. The final update titled Master of Fate adds a brand-new modifier system to the game that allows players to turn the Souls-like title into a Roguelite, adding a whole new layer of challenges for players. Master of Fate will be the final addition to the game along with several quality-of-life improvements meant to combat the numerous bugs that plagued the title when it first launched in October 2023.

It’s safe to say that there is a bright future ahead for Lords of The Fallen, and with the addition of a new modifier system, who knows where else Hexworks and CI Games will take the Souls-like series in future entries.

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