Mad Max the game is coming September 1st

We know very little about the upcoming Mad Max game which is coming from Just Cause development studio Avalanche Studios. Since the games reveal back at E3 two years ago, we have heard next to nothing about the upcoming game, by normal means this would be considered a bad sign and in my personal thoughts could mean they really don’t want us to know about the game, could it be bad and they know it? Well I at least don’t think we can complain about the lack of news on Mad Max as out of nowhere a release date has been confirmed for the game, it was revealed by Game Informer that we will be seeing the game arrive on September 1st. Along with this preorder bonuses have been announced, should you choose to purchase the Xbox One, Playstation 4 or PC game you will receive the “Ripper” which is an upgrade to Max’s car, the Magnus Opus. This upgrade will provide your car with a V8 engine, upgraded exhaust system, off road tires, a ramming grill, as well as a tuned suspension.

I am not certain how popular this game will prove to be given the lack of basic information in two years but hopefully it should prove to be better then expected. Recently it was also announced that last generation versions of the game were cancelled so those who want to play the game might have to upgrade if they haven’t already.

Also out of interest this game will be competing with Metal Gear Solid 5 The Phantom Pain which is coming on the same day could be an interesting fight for sales.


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