Madden NFL 23: Does It Offer Anything New

The most popular NFL game has been released a few months ago and fans get to experience new gameplay and mechanics and get to experience the action in the first person.

Every year, EA is dropping a new Madden NFL game and the most important question is what’s new in the latest game.

All the new features, visuals, and mechanics that the developers are working on every year are created just to make the game more realistic and offer fans to experience real-world NFL magic. You can even simulate an upcoming match from the NFL lines in the game and then compare it to the real event.

However, before jumping on the fast-moving train and purchasing the new game, it is really important to take a look at all the changes that come with the new game just to see if it is worth the purchase or if the last year’s game is still good enough.

Let’s take a look at all the new features that come with the latest Madden NFL 23, just so you can make a decision whether to purchase the game or not.

New Features that come with Madden NFL 23

Madden 23’s biggest exchange comes in the shape of what is referred to as Fieldsense, an overhaul to numerous of the sport’s on-field mechanics. New tackle animations and good judgment have redressed the play-via-play nature of the sport, while punchout fumbles and extra gang tackles are meant to convey a brought aggression to the sport, which EA is actually calling the Hit Everything feature.

The Fieldsense mechanic addresses greater than just tackling, but. It touches on virtually every aspect of the game, with EA Tiburon citing improvements to DBs masking wideouts, pass rushers collapsing the pocket and getting to QBs, and better blockading within the trenches.

As continually with an annual sports game, the player community will ultimately decide whether or not those changes are as sweeping and effectual as supposed, but EA Tiburon has elected now not to downplay the significance of Fieldsense.

Of the many features that come with the Fieldsense system, the biggest one is possibly Skill-Based Passing, which turns quarterback play into something extra like fielding the ball in MLB The Show, where an energetic throw meter will help decide accuracy.

EA Tiburon says this brought degree of manipulation inside the passing recreation will assist players to make returned-shoulder catches and hit other tight windows like never earlier. After a few beta tests, the bigger Madden network appears to be in the settlement, with many players announcing once you get the grasp of it, there is no going lower back.

Basically, the real change in this game comes in the actual gameplay experience. The latest Madden NFL 23 offers much more realistic in-game mechanics and adds attributes to different styles of play making the game more complex.

Franchise Mode

Last year’s multi-pronged Franchise update maintains instantly into Madden 23. This year’s Madden NFL game focuses on enhancing numerous of the game’s extra current features, along with the scouting machine, and makes for a greater frenzied loose organization period.

The biggest change that comes with the Franchise mode is that includes scouting reports during a season, and will now reveal more important information for each player making your decision easier. The contracts are also more complex in which you actually need a guide to help you make the right decision when making new signings.

When it comes to free agency, players will now also have more factors than just money to consider. Players will enjoy the payday, but eventually have to worry about different factors such as the team’s roster depth, quality of quarterback, and income tax-free-state.


The new thing that also comes with every Madden NFL game is the new season ratings, which eventually can be updated from the previous game. However, if you want to keep all the athletes updated and enjoy some new names in NFL, then purchasing the new game is worth it.

The Face of the Franchise

In Face of the Franchise, the game’s most campaign-like mode, players can take on certainly one of five positions together with the debut of cornerbacks as an alternative.

This joins the four legacy selections: QBs, WRs, RBs, and LBs. In what can be a first for a sports sim, players will choose up their career after their rookie settlement has expired, and the story will recognition on players taking their career to the subsequent stage and locating success after having their agreement’s team alternative expire.

Players can be loose to sign as an unfastened agent with a crew of their choosing and rebuild a successful profession that when generated a little buzz after university.

Most sports video games have profession modes centered around freshmen with loads of upside, or who’re regularly even immediately superstars, so this new narrative layer of perseverance ought to make for a unique technique to sports recreation storytelling.

Final Words

As we mentioned before, there are not many things changed in the new Madden NFL 23 games apart from the overhauled gameplay, which is actually the most important thing when it comes to making a decision whether to buy the new game.

The new Madden NFL 23 feels more realistic, and the fact that the game is more complex giving you the freedom to change different preferences, it is much more fun to play.

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