Mario Golf World Tour to recieve paid DLC

It is not often that we see Nintendo delve into the realm of downloadable content, as more often we see Nintendo prefer to publish a complete game that doesn’t require extra content. The only time Nintendo has really delved into DLC has been to provide more courses in New Super Mario Brothers 2 on the 3DS and last years Fire Emblem Awakening for extra chapters. Well it seems Nintendo and Camelot are planning DLC for the latest instalment in the Mario Golf series, the DLC is set to cost you money according to an eShop description “Discover additional paid downloadable courses”.

It is rare that Nintendo does DLC but this will hopefully address one of peoples main concerns with Mario Golf, I have heard on many occasions people wishing for more courses in these game especially given that they play these with friends so DLC courses will probably be a good thing. I do not know how many courses will be added in this format but hopefully it will be enough to keep those die hard Mario Golfers happy. Given Nintendo’s record I wouldn’t be to concerned with the DLC as Nintendo usually provides good value for your money.

Source: Nintendo Everything

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