Mario Kart 8’s new super horn item is obtainable in first place

Mario Kart 8 has some really cool items in the game, one of these items particularly is even better because of what effect it has. The Super Horn item has the ability to block red and green shells which we have been able to block in the past but still a nice gesture the even better thing though is that the super horn has the ability to even block the infamous and annoying blue shell which has been the bane of Mario Kart players existence for many years. Finally being able to block this item will be incredible and even more fun and won’t ruin a good rhythm. The main thing we know though is that the super horn is going to be extremely rare so don’t expect to be able to easily get it. For players concerned about this item and whether it will actually help them in first place, well I have good news for you the Super Horn will be collectable in first place so it could be the difference between winning and losing.

So are you excited for the super horn I now I am even though I doubt it will ever come in handy for myself, but still I can’t wait to try it and find out how good it is.

Source: Nintendo Everything

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